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"Looks like we've been chatting for too long and Sister Lan has grown impatient. By the way, why did you come to the Vast Origin House today? Did you encounter some type of insurmountable problem?" Violet Spirit asked in a concerned manner.

"Not at all, my main objective for coming here has already been completed; I simply asked Fairy Lan something in passing," Han Li replied in a nonchalant voice.

"In that case, I'll deactivate the restrictions so you can speak with her," Violet Spirit replied with a relieved nod.

Han Li naturally had no objections to this, and Violet Spirit summoned the restriction badge again before waving it through the air.

The light barrier around them instantly disintegrated, and the smiling Lan Ying soon emerged from the fifth floor with the devilish woman.

After that, Han Li revealed some of the special characteristics of the mysterious green Qi within his body to Lan Ying.

As expected of the Vast Origin House Master, even though Lan Ying's cultivation base wasn't all that outstanding, she had an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and experience and was quickly able to identify what the green Qi was based on the characteristics described.

"You're saying this is the Baleful Yin Qi imbued within Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light?" Han Li almost jumped out of his seat upon hearing Lan Ying's answer.

"Looks like you've heard of the Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light as well, Brother Han. I can't say for absolute certain, but I'm fairly confident that's what it is. It's said that any cultivation art or ability can be fused with Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light, and it's even known as the mother of all arts. However, if this true light were to remain deep within a profound yin region for too long, then there's a chance that it would transform into this Baleful Yin Qi. Apparently, there was once a devilish patriarch who possessed Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light in ancient times."

"After fusing his devilish arts with this true light, his powers were enhanced so significantly that even the other two patriarchs combined were no match for him, and he almost ruled over the entire Elder Devil Realm. However, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances during a trip to an alternate realm. Otherwise, the Elder Devil Realm could be completely different from how it currently is," Lan Ying said.

"I've seen some records of this in an ancient devilish tome that I've read. However, the main reason that that devilish patriarch was able to almost conquer the entire Elder Devil Realm was due to the devilish arts he was cultivating at the time. It was known as the number one devilish art in all of the Elder Devil Realm, and countless people have cultivated it, but no one has been able to cultivate it to the extent that that patriarch had. In addition to the Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light, it's no wonder that he was completely invincible at the time.

"How did you manage to come into contact

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