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A hint of surprise flashed through Xi'er's eyes upon discovering that Han Li had been concealing his own cultivation base, but she quickly lowered her head in a respectful manner as she gave an affirmative response before departing from the second floor of the pavilion.

"Please come with me, Fellow Daoist. Seeing as you're a devilish lord, you'll be meeting our young mistress in person as opposed to a substitute," the woman said before sweeping a sleeve toward the staircase leading to the third floor.

Yellow light flashed, and a burst of energy fluctuations surged forth, indicating that some type of restriction seemed to have just been removed.

In the instant that the restriction was removed, a grey rune flew out of the woman's sleeve before vanishing into space in a flash.

Han Li merely nodded in response before following the woman up the staircase.

The third floor of the pavilion was a massive lavish hall.

At the center of the hall was a pristine white jade offering table, upon which were placed items such as eight trigrams and divination tags. Beside the table was a petite and intricate cauldron, from within which a wisp of white smoke was billowing out, filling the entire room with the aroma of sandalwood.

Behind the table was an extremely beautiful yellow-robed young woman seated on a large chair, playing with a palm-sized jade fan in an expressionless manner.

There were eight young servants positioned on either side of the hall, four of which were male while the other four were female. The men were all tall and handsome, while the women were all beautiful and petite, and they stood with respectful looks on their faces.

All eight of them possessed Deity Transformation Stage cultivation bases.

However, the woman didn't stop here, and led Han Li toward the staircase to the fourth floor instead.

The yellow-robed young woman rose to her feet and extended a curtsey toward Han Li and the woman from afar along with the servants in the room, and the woman merely waved a dismissive hand toward them.

Han Li's footsteps faltered slightly, and a peculiar look appeared on his face as he swept his gaze over the devilish beings in the room.

In terms of appearance and disposition alone, he would've been convinced that the yellow-robed young woman was the young mistress of the Vast Origin House; who would've thought that she was a mere substitute?

With that in mind, and considering the research he had conducted into the Vast Origin House in advance, he couldn't help but become even more curious about what type of person this young mistress was.

Shortly thereafter, Han Li arrived on the fourth floor of the pavilion with the woman.

As soon as they arrived on this level, Han Li swept his gaze through the surrounding area, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

It wasn't that the decor on this level was particularly strange; it was just that everything was set up to be identical to a sma

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