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The black-armored devilish being had been sent by Violet Spirit.

With her status as one of Sacred Ancestor Liu Ji's disciples, she had a considerable amount of influence in the Blue Waterfall Lake and could call upon many subordinates.

As such, it was naturally a simple task for her to investigate the origins of a Spatial Tempering Stage being.

In less than a day, Violet Spirit had identified him and gathered all of the information surrounding his private mine.

In reality, it was not uncommon to see private mines being excavated in secret in the Blue Waterfall Lake.Wu You and his group's private mine had been opened on a mine vein of a rather low caliber, and he was a late-Spatial Tempering Stage being, so even though the other powers were aware of this, they didn't step in.

"How could so much premium Foreign Devilish Metal have been mined from a low-quality mine vein? There has to be some hidden circumstances involved," Han Li mused to himself.

With that in mind, he didn't hesitate any longer and made a hand seal as he closed his eyes to activate the spiritual sense marks he had left on Wu You and the others.

With his current fearsome powers, they were naturally completely unable to sense what he had done.

Shortly thereafter, a rather peculiar look appeared on Han Li's face.

He could sense that most of Wu You's group had already left Blue Waterfall City, but there were two spiritual sense marks that were only several kilometers away and were slowly approaching him.

Han Li was naturally quite surprised to see this, and he released his spiritual sense out of his room toward the direction where the two marks were situated.

Moments later, Han Li was able to identify the approaching duo as a devilish man and a devilish woman.

The man looked to be in his thirties while the woman appeared to be in her twenties, and they seemed to be a couple.

Through Han Li's spiritual sense detection, he could see that they had just emerged from a beast-drawn carriage, and after a brief discussion, they continued on toward the inn that Han Li was staying in on foot.

After a brief moment of contemplation, Han Li quickly guessed why this devilish couple were doing this, and he ascertained that they had most likely come here to see him.

Thus, he smiled and withdrew his spiritual sense before waiting in his room.

Sure enough, not long after that, the two spiritual sense marks appeared outside the room that he was staying in.

However, the two of them seemed to be rather hesitant and were indecisive about how to proceed.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly, and his lips tremored slightly a few times.

In the next instant, his voice abruptly rang out in the ears of the devilish couple. "Seeing as you're already here, why don't you come in?"

The couple's expressions changed slightly upon hearing this, and they exchanged a glance, following which the devilish man gritted his teeth, and said, "Let's g

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