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A month later, a massive stir was created in the entire Elder Devil Realm by the Immortal Vanquishing Order that Yuan Yan had issued.

Even some Sacred Ancestors were quite tempted by the massive reward being offered, and the target of the Immortal Vanquishing Order was only a Body Integration Stage human cultivator from the Spirit Realm, so many of the Sacred Ancestors sent their clones after the target, thinking that he would be easy pickings.

However, there were several Sacred Ancestors who were on very friendly terms with Yuan Yan that received some insider information, and all of them had decided to refrain from pursuing this target.

Even so, some Sacred Ancestor clones and Body Integration Stage devilish lords had begun to hunt for the target in question.

Two months later, someone finally discovered Han Li near one of the major cities of the Elder Devil Realm, Jade City, and this information was reported to the four devilish lords in the city.

Thus, the four devilish lords managed to intercept Han Li near the teleportation formations in the city, only to be killed by Daoist Xie with ease. The tens of thousands of devilish beings nearby were petrified upon seeing this, and Han Li was able to stroll right through them before departing using a teleportation formation.

Three and a half months later, Han Li was sighted once again in a renowned perilous region of the Elder Devil Realm known as the Golden River Valley.

The vastly renowned Sacred Ancestor Tian Ya sent a clone and three devilish lord subordinates to intercept Han Li once again. However, following a fierce battle, the Sacred Ancestor clone and two of the devilish lords perished with only a single devilish lord that was adept in movement techniques that managed to escape.

News of this quickly spread, and it quickly became a hot topic on everyone's lips.

Half a year later, Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang and two of his clones arrived in a small town with many of his subordinates to confront Han Li, then unleashed astonishing powers to try and capture Han Li and his group alive.

Han Li and Daoist Xie naturally retaliated, and a battle ensued.

During the past half a year of recuperation, Han Li had mostly recovered, and the benefits that he had reaped from the Spirit Cleansing Pond and Clean Spirit Lotus really began to shine through, particularly in the form of the massive stride he had made in his Provenance True Devil Arts.

As such, Han Li immediately underwent his Second Nirvana Transformation, displaying incredible powers that allowed him to match Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang's true body in battle.

Following a fierce battle that spanned a day and a night, virtually the entire town was destroyed, and countless devilish beings were killed or injured as collateral damage.

However, what was most astonishing to everyone was the outcome of the battle. In the end, Sacred Ancestor Xue Guang's true body had been forced to flee with severe injur

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