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From the day that the formation core was completed, Han Li's trio had begun meditating at the foot of the giant tree instead of residing on the massive cloud to guard against sneak attacks by high-grade devilish beings.

The backup holy tree was the foundation of this formation core, so the core would remain intact as long as the tree still stood.

As for the thousands of warriors accompanying Han Li's trio, they had been distributed onto the nearby mountains surrounding the formation core.

Daoist Xie had been instructed to reside within a certain building on the massive cloud, and with his incredible powers, it was naturally a simple task for him to replicate the aura of a mid-grade human cultivator.

Aside from Grand Ascension Stage beings, it would be virtually impossible for other cultivators to glean his true cultivation base, so even though Cao Ji and Fei Xiaoxi had seen Daoist Xie on several occasions, they paid no heed to him and simply regarded him as a member of Han Li's entourage.

Ever since the completion of the formation, news surrounding the battle between the united and devilish armies had been constantly pouring in, and Han Li's trio was carefully monitoring the situation.

According to the news they'd received, the battle between the united and devilish armies had been extremely fierce, and only after both sides had expended close to 20% of their troops did the united army begin to retreat.

On this occasion, three Sacred Ancestors had appeared in the devilish army alongside over 20 Sacred Ancestor clones and hundreds of devilish lords, thereby giving them a clear advantage when it came to high-end power.

Through the fierce battle that had taken place thus far, the united army had managed to fool the devilish army, and the latter immediately set off in pursuit as the united army began to retreat. Meanwhile, the united army was retreating as it battled, engaging in battles of different scales against the devilish army every day while gradually shifting the battlefield toward the formation in a discreet manner.

Time slowly passed, and the frequency of news arriving from the battlefield was steadily increasing as the two armies drew closer and closer to the formation.

Atop a giant mountain within the formation stood Elder Han of the Wood Tribe on a massive platform that had only recently been erected.

Not far ahead of him was a formation that was only around 40 feet in size, around which sat eight Wood Tribe elderly men, all of whom had their eyes closed and were holding a white wooden disc in one hand, while constantly making hand seals with the other hand.

Beams of white light would occasionally be released by the wooden discs before converging above the formation to form a large light screen. At present, Elder Han was staring intently at the scene unfolding on the light screen.

There were countless specks of light spread all over the screen, all of which were either purple or green

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