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On a certain day two months later, Han Li and everyone else gathered together in a temporary cave abode outside the city.

The man from the Lin Family had only just barely managed to arrive before the agreed date, and everyone was appraising him with peculiar expressions. He had once bore the appearance of a middle-aged man, but his hair had since turned white, and his skin had shriveled and wrinkled significantly, making him resemble an elderly man.

What was even more shocking was that one of his eyes had gone missing, as if it had been gouged straight out of its socket.

On top of that, his aura had been reduced to less than a third of its former power, and it seemed to be extremely feeble as well.

"What happened to you, Fellow Daoist Lin?" the Long Family patriarch asked in a grim voice.

"I encountered a horde of Soul Sucking Beasts in the plains and had most of my true essence devoured by them. Thankfully, I was able to escape after detonating several of my most powerful treasures," the man replied with a wry smile, and his voice had also become extremely hoarse and unpleasant to the ears.

"Soul Sucking Beasts? Those beasts aren't all that powerful; how did they reduce you to such a sorry state?" Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns asked with a surprised expression.

"Normal Soul Sucking Beasts certainly wouldn't have posed a threat to me, but I encountered a Body Integration Stage mutated Soul Sucking Beast," the man from the Lin Family sighed in response.

"A mutated Soul Sucking Beast?" Everyone's expressions changed slightly upon hearing this.

"That's right. Initially, it was hidden among all of the other Soul Sucking Beasts and disguised itself as one of them, and I fell prey to its surprise attack," the man from the Lin Family confirmed with a strained expression.

The Long Family patriarch was silent for a moment before asking, "That's truly unfortunate. What are your plans from here onward, Fellow Daoist Lin?"

The man from the Lin Family hesitated momentarily before giving a resigned reply. "I'm in far too bad a condition to enter the Illusion Howl Desert; I have to return to the Spirit Realm and go into seclusion right away for several centuries to facilitate a full recovery. Hence, I'm planning to rest here for some time before I retrace our original route and return to the Spirit Realm."

The Long Family patriarch was unsurprised to hear this, and he said, "Indeed, in your current condition, you'd be taking a significant risk by continuing onward. How about this? We'll stay here for another month so you can recover in peace before we continue on our way."

Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns was silent for a moment before nodding in response. "We have no objections."

Elder Hui and the woman from the Ye Family couldn't help but exchange a concerned and forlorn glance upon seeing this.

Among the rest of the human cultivators, one of them was carrying injuries, while the other's cultivation bas

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