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At this point, Han Li had completely revealed his late-Body Integration Stage cultivation base, and a tidal wave of fearsome spiritual pressure was crashing down upon the burly man.

Han Li's powers were far superior to other beings of the same cultivation base in the first place, and his aura was also being enhanced by his Provenance True Devil Arts. In the face of such formidable spiritual pressure, the burly man's expression instantly changed drastically as he shot back over 100 feet while also hurriedly releasing his own aura, revealing himself to be a mid-Body Integration Stage devilish lord.

However, his aura was very strange in that it was interspersed with wisps of silver light.

The burly man immediately yelled in an alarmed voice, "Brother Leng, this man's powers are truly unfathomable; I won't be a match for him on my own!"

After that, the burly man let loose a low roar, and the braids on his head suddenly stood up ramrod straight. At the same time, he made a hand seal, and his skin took on a shimmering silver hue, as if it were entirely forged from silver.

Simultaneously, his face twisted and warped, and his nose elongated, becoming as sharp as an eagle's beak while a series of silver feathers appeared on his head.

"You two are metamorphosis stage beast lords!" Han Li exclaimed upon seeing this as a hint of intrigue appeared in his eyes.

In the harsh environment of the Elder Devil Realm, metamorphosis stage devilish beasts that cultivated to become devilish lords were naturally far more powerful than demonic cultivators and devilish lords of the same caliber.

It was no wonder that they dared to intercept other devilish lords with minimal consideration.

The daoist priest's expression darkened slightly as he sensed the terrifying aura that Han Li was releasing, and a string of cracks and pops rang out from his body as he transformed into a humanoid tiger, then suddenly appeared beside the burly man.

"I can see that you have the power to back up your confidence, Fellow Daoist. We are indeed devilish beasts at our core, but with your unfathomable powers, only by joining forces will we have a chance to defeat you. However, rest assured, I'll reveal the truth to you regardless of the outcome of this sparring match," the daoist priest said with a wary expression.

"Then I'll be thanking you in advance," Han Li replied in an indifferent voice before making a hand seal, upon which the golden devilish projection behind him brandished its six weapons all at once.

Immediately thereafter, a beam of golden light erupted out of each of the golden weapons, and the six beams of light converged to form a golden wave of light that was over 100 feet tall.

The golden wave surged directly toward the pair of beast lords with devastating force, causing space in its wake to tremor and buzz violently, as if it were about to be crushed by the golden light.

The burly man let loose a loud roar as thrust his f

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