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Han Li had only unintentionally stumbled upon information surrounding Bloodtooth Rice while going through countless ancient tomes written about the Elder Devil Realm prior to entering this realm.

According to the book that he had read, Bloodtooth Rice could only be found at a place called the Blue Waterfall Lake, which was extremely far away from Illusion Night City. Due to its scarcity, none of the local devilish beings would sell this rice and kept it solely to themselves, so it was quite remarkable that the Bai Family had managed to secure one of such a high caliber.

Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon glanced at Han Li and Han Qizi, and said, "Are you two interested in this Bloodtooth Rice as well? It's a pity for you that I've already claimed it. If you two want one as well, then you'll have to ask Brother Bai."

After that, he immediately took a bite out of the Bloodtooth Rice, devouring a third of it in just a single mouthful, then began to slowly chew it in a blissful manner.

A rich fragrant aroma instantly filled the entire hall.

"Do you have more of this Bloodtooth Rice, Brother Bai?" Han Li asked.

Han Qizi also immediately turned his attention toward the burly man and purple-haired woman.

"Surely you jest, Fellow Daoist Luan Dragon; our Bai Family only has this one Bloodtooth Rice in our possession," the burly man said with a wry smile.

"I'm afraid I find that very difficult to believe, Brother Bai. Everyone knows that the more Bloodtooth Rice is consumed, the more pronounced the enhancement effect it would have on the consumer's body. If you're able to obtain this rice, then how would you have only obtained one?" Han Li asked as his eyes narrowed slightly.

Han Qizi was clearly also unconvinced.

"Truth be told, our Bai Family did manage to purchase several pieces of this Bloodtooth Rice, but they've all been consumed by my sister and myself. We only kept this one as a seed or as a pill refinement ingredient. Otherwise, we wouldn't even have this one left," the burly man hurriedly explained.

Han Li was silent for a moment before continuing, "Seeing as your Bai Family was able to obtain this Bloodtooth Rice once, I'm sure you'll be able to do it again. If you can purchase some for me, then price won't be an issue."

"If you can purchase a Bloodtooth Rice of this caliber for me, I'll be willing to assist your Bai Family one more time if you encounter any trouble in the future." Han Qizi finally spoke for the very first time, and his voice was very raspy and dry, as if he really hadn't spoken in a very long time.

The purple-haired woman seemed to be rather tempted by these propositions, but the burly man replied without any hesitation, "We only managed to purchase these pieces of Bloodtooth Rice by chance when we encountered some fellow daoists from the Blue Waterfall Lake; our Bai Family doesn't have a consistent avenue through which we can obtain these things, so there's no need to discuss this m

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