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"What kind of reasoning is this? Setting that aside for now, even if I do possess the spirit medicine that you're looking for, you have to at least describe its general uses to me. I have a lot of spirit medicines in my possession; how am I supposed to know which one you want?" Han Li asked.

Bao Hua paused momentarily before replying, "I don't know what it's general uses are, either. However, I'm certain that this spirit medicine is something you obtained before entering our holy realm, and it's extremely rare; perhaps it's not even something from the Spirit Realm."

"Something that's not from the Spirit Realm?" Han Li's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and the spirit medicines he had obtained from the Vast Glacial Realm immediately sprang into his mind.

The minute change in Han Li's expression naturally didn't escape Bao Hua's notice, and her smile became even more pronounced. "As I suspected, you really are in possession of a spirit medicine of this description. If you hand it over to me, I can allow you to leave this place safely and ensure that Fellow Daoist Yuan Yan doesn't trouble you any further. On top of that, I think I have someone here who will be of interest to you. Hei'e, bring out that little girl."

"Yes, Mistress!" the burly black-armored man behind her immediately replied with a bow before laying a hand onto a yellow leather pouch that was hanging from his waist.

A burst of black light emerged from the opening of the pouch, revealing an unconscious young woman who appeared to be in her teens.

Han Li's pupils contracted drastically at the sight of the young woman; it was none other than Zhu Guo'er!

"This little girl seems to be somehow related to you, so I'm sure you wouldn't abandon her. You give me the spirit medicine I want, and I'll give her back to you," Bao Hua said in a calm voice.

"Seeing as she's fallen into your hands, I presume Fellow Daoist Lin has already perished," Han Li sighed.

"Are you referring to the Body Integration cultivator who was with her? He possessed a true spirit bloodline, but it was of no use to me, so I naturally wasn't going to keep him around," Bao Hua replied in a truthful manner.

"Hmph, if I were to fight with all my power, you two would have a lot of trouble on your hands. Having said that, there's no need for me to take such a huge risk over a mere spirit medicine. I'll bring out a few types of spirit medicine; take a look and see if any of them is the one you're looking for," Han Li harrumphed coldly.

"You've made a wise decision, Fellow Daoist Han! Hei'e, hand the little girl over to him; I'm sure Brother Han wouldn't do anything rash," Bao Hua instructed with a smile.

Hei'e immediately tossed Zhu Guo'er toward Han Li upon hearing this, and Han Li swept a sleeve to release a burst of green light, which carried Zhu Guo'er back to him.

He then swept his spiritual sense over her body to find that she was only unconscious due to a

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