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A month later, several lizard-like devilish beasts emerged from the edge of the Illusion Howl Desert, and atop each lizard sat a person; they were none other than Han Li's group, who were returning from the Bai Family mine.

After Han Li had been informed that the devilish spirit had been slain by the burly man and the others, he and the purple-haired woman had immediately gone to meet up with the three devilish lords, and they had found the root of the devilish spirit in the end. It was a giant grey crystal, and even though it had lost all of its spiritual nature due to the destruction of the devilish spirit, it was still an extremely rare tool refinement material, which was immediately taken by the burly man.

Han Li didn't ask for a detailed recount of how the devilish spirit had been destroyed, and the three devilish lords had no intention of telling him, either.

The group departed the day after the devilish spirit was destroyed and enjoyed a smooth return journey.

In the instant that everyone emerged from the desert, Han Li immediately felt as if his body had grown lighter, and his restricted magic power instantly returned to normal.

Han Li heaved a faint sigh of relief as he experienced the abundant magic power surging through his body. Having so much magic power repressed in the Illusion Howl Desert was not a good feeling! He then couldn't help but grimace at the thought that he would have to spend several decades in this desert next time.

Thankfully, the issue was successfully resolved, and he had even secured an extra devilish lizard. Now, all he had to do was await the arrival of the Long Family patriarch and everyone else.

The Bai Family had promised him the opportunity to select three treasures from their treasure vault as a reward for his efforts, and he was very much looking forward to this.

After recovering their magic power, all of the Body Integration Stage beings were naturally able to speed up dramatically, and it only took them less than half a day to reach Illusion Night City.

Several hours later, Han Li and everyone else was seated in a hall with antiquated decor within the Bai Family fortress, discussing something with the purple-haired woman in a relaxed manner.

However, the burly man was nowhere to be seen.

That made sense considering the entire Bai Family only had two devilish lords among their ranks, and both of them had been absent for over two months, so there were naturally some urgent matters that had to be addressed.

After a while, a person strode into the hall, and it was none other than the burly man.

"That was very fast, Brother Bai," Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon said as he turned to the burly man.

"Haha, there were only some minor tasks to be taken care of. Aside from that, I've brought all of you the rewards that we promised; please take a look, fellow daoists," the burly man replied before sweeping a sleeve through the air, sending a black bracelet flying t

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