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"There's no mistaking it; that is indeed the Devil Ape Coral," Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns confirmed as she appraised the mountain.

"According to what you said, the island lies around a month's travel away in the direction that the devilish ape is looking toward, so that means we should be traveling in the southwestern direction," the woman from the Ye Family said in a calm manner.

"According to that senior of our Spirit Race, the island is indeed roughly located there, but..." A hesitant look appeared on Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns's face.

"Are you still keeping secrets from us at a time like this, Fellow Daoist?" the Long Family patriarch said as his brows furrowed slightly with displeasure.

"That's not it, Brother Long; it's just that the senior also told us there's some type of danger lying near the island, so he told us to take extra caution when approaching it. However, he didn't reveal the specific details to us and only mentioned in passing, so I didn't divulge this information," Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns explained.

"Oh? That senior of your race was Grand Ascension Stage being, so if it's something that even he's wary of, then it must be extremely dangerous to us; we'll have to be very careful while approaching the island," Han Li said with a grim expression.

"Indeed. If you have any trump cards up your sleeves, then make sure to prepare them in advance; I'll set up a few formations on the ark that'll increase its power by at least more than half," the elderly scholar among the Spirit beings said.

A grim look had also appeared on the Long Family patriarch's face. "I have a pair of stone puppets left behind from ancient times. Their attack patterns are a little one-dimensional, but in terms of defensive prowess, they're comparable with Body Integration Stage beings. However, in order to activate them, a refinement process has to commence around half a month in advance."

Han Li was silent for a moment before chiming in, "I possess a set of powerful devilish flags that can be set up on the ark."

The devilish flags had been obtained by him after he had slain a certain devilish lord, and they were quite powerful in the eyes of normal Body Integration Stage beings.

"I have a few Glacial Water Rhinoceroses that have powerful defensive capabilities and can expel formidable glacial Qi; we can use them to replace the current sea beasts," Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns proposed.

With the example set by Han Li and the others, everyone else also contributed some of their treasures.

They were all aware that these things definitely weren't the true life-saving trump cards that everyone had up their sleeves, but these items would definitely bolster the giant ark significantly.

After that, the giant ark began to travel toward the southwestern direction, and everyone got to work.

Han Li set up the set of devilish flags at several important points on the ark, and the elderly scholar was carving so

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