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However, a layer of glacial Qi suddenly appeared over the Faux Immortal Puppet's body, and it vanished on the spot before reappearing over 100 feet away. As a result, the black-robed young man was left grabbing onto nothing more than empty air.

The Faux Immortal Puppet turned toward the black-robed young man with a pair of cold golden eyes, and said, "How dare you slay my juniors in cold blood? You leave me with no choice but fight you with this Faux Immortal Puppet body!"

The Faux Immortal Puppet had been possessed by another wisp of the Spirit Monarch's soul!

Han Li's trio was naturally ecstatic to see this.

Even though the Spirit Monarch wasn't an ally of theirs, an enemy of an enemy was close enough to an ally at a time like this.

Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan's expression darkened as he slowly withdrew his outstretched hand. "So you had concealed another wisp of your soul within your junior's body, but do you really think you have what it takes to fight me with that crude Faux Immortal Puppet as a vessel? I'll only need to use 20% of my power to crush you!"

"Perhaps that would be true elsewhere, but here on this Bitter Spirit Island, you'll only be able to use 30% to 40% of your power at most. This Faux Immortal Puppet may be damaged, but let's see how you're going to deal with it once I use this on it!" the Spirit Monarch said in an enraged voice before flipping a hand over to produce a small shimmering silver vial.

The vial had an extremely bumpy surface that had countless tiny runes inscribed upon it.

The black-robed young man was initially stunned by the sight of the silver vial, but a cold smile then immediately appeared on his face. "That's a Spirit Sealing Vial! I'm impressed that you were able to replicate this item successfully, but what is that thing going to be able to do to me?"

"The vial itself naturally won't be able to do anything to you, but the substance within the vial can dramatically enhance this Faux Immortal Puppet's powers," the Faux Immortal Puppet replied in a cold voice before tossing the vial up into the air.

The small vial tipped itself over, and the silver runes on its surface flashed, following which a drop of shimmering green liquid dripped out of the vial.

The drop of liquid was releasing astonishing spiritual Qi, as if it were entirely manifested from the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.

Han Li immediately sensed a familiar aura from the drop of green liquid, and his pupils contracted drastically with astonishment.

"This aura... It's significantly diluted, but there's no mistaking it!" An astonished look also appeared on the black-robed young man's face in the instant that he caught sight of the drop of green liquid, and he immediately slashed his black sword violently through the air, unleashing seven or eight crescent sword projections, all of which instantly converged to form one massive sword projection that hurtled directly toward the Faux Immortal Puppet

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