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The light faded, and sure enough, it was none other than the woman from the Ye Family who was revealed.

"Welcome, Fairy Ye. Why did it take you such a long time to get here? Were you not staying in Illusion Night City?" the Long Family patriarch asked with a smile.

"I only just got here around half a month ago, and I haven't cultivated any devilish arts. Even with the Devilfeign Bead's disguise, I didn't dare to enter the city, so I was planning to wait and observe for a few days first. It looks like you two have only just arrived as well, and Fellow Daoist Hui seems to be in a rather bad condition," the woman from the Ye Family said as her brows furrowed slightly with concern.

"We encountered quite a bit of trouble during our journey and only arrived yesterday. In contrast, Fellow Daoist Han seemed to have arrived quite some time ago. Brother Hui was very unfortunate in that he ran into the ant queen while escaping from the ant tide and was afflicted by its poison. Thankfully, he's already taken an antidote, but he had to rest for a long time to refine the medicinal effect of the antidote, which is why it took us so long to get here," the Long Family patriarch sighed.

"I see, no wonder Brother Hui looks to be in such bad health. I accidentally stumbled into a perilous area in the plains and was trapped there for several months, and that's why I got here quite late as well," the woman from the Ye Family explained with a hint of lingering fear in her eyes.

"My journey here was quite smooth, and I arrived at Illusion Night City several months ago. However, I've yet to meet Fellow Daoist Lin or any of our fellow daoists from the Spirit Race; could it be that something's happened to them?" Han Li speculated furrowed brows.

The Long Family patriarch replied with a grim expression, "Surely not. Fellow Daoist Lin is a Body Integration cultivator and is adept in several types of top-grade movement techniques; even if he's encountered an enemy he can't defeat, he should have no issues escaping from them. As for the Spirit beings, they're all traveling together, so there's even less chance of something happening to them."

"I wouldn't be so confident. I had initially thought the same, but the plains of the Elder Devil Realm are clearly far more perilous than the primordial world of our Spirit Realm. Even I was trapped in one place for several months; it's certainly not impossible that they've encountered some type of insurmountable obstacle," the woman from the Ye Family disagreed.

The Long Family patriarch was silent for a moment before continuing, "There's no point in speculating about something like this; there's still some time left until the agreed date, so let's keep waiting. By the way, Fellow Daoist Han, you've been here for quite some time, so I'm sure you've learned a lot about this city; would you be able to tell us about it so we can figure out a way to get some Eight-footed Devilish Lizards?"

"Of course," H

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