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Both the Long Family patriarch's golden dragon and the suit of armor being worn by the woman from the Ye Family were able to completely disregard the pressure exerted upon them by the giant devilish hand, clearly indicating that they were far more powerful than ordinary treasures and abilities.

The golden dragon raised its massive head, and a thick pillar of golden light erupted out of its mouth before striking the giant devilish hand in a flash.

After unleashing that attack, the golden dragon dissipated as if it had exhausted all of its power.

Meanwhile, five-colored light surged over the suit of armor being worn by the woman from the Ye Family, and a giant sword projection that was over 100 feet in length appeared above her head, which also shot forth to strike the giant devilish hand.

The massive devilish hand tremored violently in the face of these attacks, and the enormous pressure being released by it abated significantly.

Even though its power was only nullified for a split second, the Long Family patriarch and the woman from the Ye Family were both seasoned Body Integration Stage beings, so they naturally weren't going to miss this opportunity.

Bright golden light erupted from the former's body, and he expanded drastically in size, transforming into his half-dragon form again before slamming his golden-scaled arms viciously onto the ground.

The earth tremored violently amid a resounding boom, and a burst of shockwaves erupted outward with the Long Family patriarch at the epicenter.

Using the force of these shockwaves to his advantage, the Long Family patriarch was finally able to break out of the giant devilish hand's restriction.

He immediately shot up from the ground like a speeding arrow, then appeared several hundred feet away.

He didn't immediately try to escape as he knew that would only lead to a faster demise in the face of this Sacred Ancestor.

As such, he took a deep breath before sweeping his sleeves through the air, releasing seven or eight treasures of different descriptions that began to revolve around his body.

Among them were a small jade seal that was several inches in size and a fist-sized golden bracelet. As soon as these two treasures appeared, the nearby world's origin Qi instantly became extremely active; this was a pair of Profound Heavenly Treasure replicas!

It seemed that the Long Family patriarch was bringing out his true trump cards in a bid to save his own life.

At the same time, dazzling light swirled over the armor being worn by the woman from the Ye Family, and the light surged toward her back in a frenzy before manifesting into a pair of giant wings that were several tens of feet in length.

Not only were these wings covered in countless five-colored feathers, there was a ball of flames at the tip of each of the wings that were constantly changing color.

She flapped her wings gently, and the two balls of flames exploded to set the entire space

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