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In the air around 1,000 feet above the sea, black mist was surging incessantly, and arcs of silver lightning were flashing within the mist amid rumbling thunderclaps.

A man and a woman were standing at the front of a giant ark, peering into the ocean from afar.

The man was none other than the Long Family patriarch, and he said, "This Devilish Origin Sea is known as the origin point of all devilish beings; the astounding abundance of devilish Qi here truly lives up to all the legends. Having said that, there's a lot of chaotic energy intermingled with the devilish Qi, so the average devilish being most likely won't be able to cultivate here."

The woman standing beside him was the woman from the Ye Family, and she replied with a smile, "I've heard that a lot of this chaotic energy has already dissipated. Apparently, this was a restricted area of the Elder Devil Realm several million years ago, and the average devilish being wasn't allowed to access this place. Perhaps the chaotic energy here will completely dissipate in the future, at which point this place would become a devilish paradise."

At this point, Han Li and the others had already reunited, and they were traveling into the Devilish Origin Sea on this giant ark together.

"Hehe, even if there is something peculiar about this Devilish Origin Sea, we've expended countless efforts to get here, so we definitely can't turn back now. Having said that, I didn't expect the lightning here to be so powerful; even flying at a low altitude has been made impossible," the Long Family patriarch replied as his brows furrowed slightly.

"It's not that flying at a low altitude isn't possible; it just can't be done for an extended period of time. In the face of such concentrated lightning strikes, no one would be able to withstand them for too long," the woman from the Ye Family said with a smile.

"In any case, it'll most likely take us far longer than projected to track down the island that the Spirit Cleansing Pond is situated on. The leads provided by our fellow daoists from the Spirit Race are very vague; we'll have to find an area of the sea that matches their description before we can find the island. With how vast this Devilish Origin Sea is, it'll require some luck to track down the island in a reasonable timeframe," the Long Family patriarch sighed.

The woman's smile faded upon hearing this, and after a brief pause, she continued, "We don't have much time left; many devilish powers have most likely already begun scrutinizing us. If they manage to ascertain our origins, we'll be in huge trouble. The longer we stay in here, the greater the risk that we incur."

"I'm naturally aware of that, but just like I said, it's too late to turn back now. We're standing on the cusp of success, so we have to see this through to the end," the Long Family patriarch replied with a determined expression.

The woman from the Ye Family merely sighed and didn't offer any response.

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