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Han Li, Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon, and Han Qizi were hovering above the lava lake in a triangular formation while releasing their spiritual sense downward.

However, there were layers of peculiar energy fluctuations within the lava that prevented Han Li's spiritual sense from reaching any deeper than just over 1,000 feet into the lake.

For Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon and the others, their spiritual sense was far less powerful than Han Li's, so that distance was shortened to around 300 to 400 feet for them.

A distance of just over 1,000 feet only allowed Han Li to discover that there was a massive black shadow lying at the bottom of the lake. However, due to the energy fluctuations in the lava, he was unable to see the shadow clearly, so he couldn't determine whether this was their target for this trip.

Even though the black shadow laid completely still as if it were dead, Han Li was still surveying it with great caution.

As Bai Yunxin and the others were setting up the formation, the two devilish lords of the Bai Family were also in action.

The burly man had summoned his antiquated mirror again, and it transformed into over 100 mirror fragments that spread all over the air above the lava lake, shining black devilish light down upon it.

The burly man's lips tremored silently, and he wore a slightly strained expression, clearly finding it rather difficult to unleash his abilities while the majority of his magic power was being restricted.

Meanwhile, the purple-haired woman made a hand seal, and a suit of devilish armor that was as pristine white as jade appeared over her body. At the same time, she made a grabbing motion with her other hand, and a long inky-black halberd appeared in her grasp.

She swept the weapon through the air, and an inky-black giant horned tiger projection appeared, snarling viciously as if it were about to pounce at any moment.

Around 15 minutes later, the six Spatial Tempering Stage Bai Family disciples finished setting up the formation, and balls of black Qi immediately surfaced around the lava lake. Bursts of killing intent and flashes of cold light were contained within the balls of black Qi, as if they were holding countless sharp blades.

The six Spatial Tempering Stage Bai Family disciples had concealed themselves within these balls of black Qi and were controlling the entire formation.

The burly man then transmitted his voice toward Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon. "The formation is ready, Fellow Daoist Luan Dragon; please force the beast out of the lava now."

A cold look appeared in Heavenly Lord Luan Dragon's eyes upon hearing this, and he immediately let loose a loud cry before pointing a finger toward the blue bowl he had summoned.

The bowl shuddered before expanding drastically in size, transforming into a blue moon, and at the same time, it released a thick pillar of blue light that shot forth toward the lava down below with ferocious might.

The pillar of light

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