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"You want to enter the Spirit Cleansing Pond and consume the Clean Spirit Lotus?" Bao Hua said as her expression darkened slightly.

"That's right. I've taken such a massive risk to come here in search of a sliver of an opportunity to progress to the Grand Ascension Stage. Now that I've made it this far, I'm naturally not going to give up here," Han Li replied in a determined manner.

"Even if you enter the Spirit Cleansing Pond and obtain a Clean Spirit Lotus or two, do you think your wish will be granted? Let me tell you this: you and your companions aren't the only ones to have made it this far," Bao Hua said in a meaningful manner.

Han Li wasn't surprised at all to hear this. "I'm naturally aware of that. If it weren't for our predecessors from the Spirit Realm who came here before us, how would we have known that the Spirit Cleansing Pond and Clean Spirit Lotus can be found here?"

"Your predecessors from the Spirit Realm? You're severely underestimating just how alluring these two things are. Countless powerful beings from your Spirit Realm and other realms have ventured into our holy realm for a chance to enter the Spirit Cleansing Pond. Some of them have extremely powerful backers that even patriarchs like us wouldn't dare to turn down, while others possess incredible abilities. For those people, we can only grant them passage after securing some compensation from them. However, less than 10% of those beings have managed to reach a higher cultivation with the help of the Spirit Cleansing Pond and Clean Spirit Lotus," Bao Hua explained in an unhurried manner.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this, but he then immediately harrumphed coldly in response. "Less than 10%? Even so, that's enough for me to take a gamble."

"Alright, but what if I were to tell you that those who didn't manage to succeed completely lost their chance to progress to a higher level after emerging from the Spirit Cleansing Pond?" Bao Hua continued as a hint of a smile appeared on her face.

"What do you mean?" Han Li was truly surprised to hear this.

"According to my knowledge, even those who have failed to progress using the Spirit Cleansing Pond and Clean Spirit Lotus have obtained some benefits from them, but after that, none of them have managed to reach the Grand Ascension Stage. Otherwise, do you think the defenses would be this lax in a place as important as the Bitter Spirit Island? Without this caveat, we would’ve destroyed this island at all costs. After all, the Spirit Cleansing Pond and Clean Spirit Lotus have no use to devilish beings like us at all, but they're immensely beneficial to powerful beings of other realms. Now then, would you still like to enter the Spirit Cleansing Pond, Fellow Daoist Han?" Bao Hua asked with a faint smile.

A hesitant look appeared on Han Li's face, but a thought then immediately occurred to him, and he cast his gaze toward Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan, in response to which the Sacred

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