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Another black crescent was unleashed by the giant sword, and spatial fluctuations erupted as countless black threads instantly appeared around Bai Qi before converging toward him.

At the same time, an inky-black devilish hand appeared above the Spirit Monarch projection before swooping down with devastating force.

Bai Qi clearly hadn't expected Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan to suddenly attack, and his expression changed drastically as he released a layer of protective white light around his own body while expelling a small dark green shield out of his mouth.

As soon as the shield emerged, it swelled to around 100 feet in size, and green light flashed over its surface as a giant turtle projection emerged, shielding Bai Qi behind itself.

Additionally, a loud bell chime rang out as a huge silver bell flew out of Bai Qi's body.

The ball was around 10 feet in size with an extremely bright surface that was riddled with countless silver runes.

The bell tolled, and layers of silver patterns surged forth from its surface in a frenzy.

In this dire situation, Bai Qi had revealed his true form in an attempt to withstand the oncoming attack.

However, just because Han Li was able to survive an attack from the Black Devil Dagger didn't mean that Bai Qi was capable of doing the same.

The black threads converged like lightning, instantly tearing through the silver patterns and giant turtle projection with ease.

After that, all of the black threads vanished into thin air, immediately following which countless specks of black light erupted over the surface of the silver bell.

Bai Qi didn't even get a chance to cry out before his true body was sliced into countless pieces.

As for the Spirit Monarch projection, even though it contained a wisp of a Grand Ascension Stage being's soul, it possessed no magic power whatsoever, so it was also instantly destroyed by the black devilish claw.

Han Li and the others were all completely rooted to the spot by this sudden turn of events.

The black-robed young man swept a sleeve toward the fragments of Bai Qi's body, and a burst of black light swept forth, drawing several storage bracelets into his grasp in a flash.

He quickly assessed the contents of the storage bracelets with his spiritual sense, upon which his expression darkened significantly.

"As expected, that old bastard didn't give the Realmfall Stone to any of these juniors of his."

After arriving at this conclusion, the black-robed young man turned toward Han Li's trio with a hint of killing intent in his eyes.

"Which one of you has the Realmfall Stone? If you hand it over, I can spare your life!"

Han Li and the others exchanged a bewildered glance upon hearing this.

"I'm afraid you're mistaken, Senior. Even our fellow daoists of the Spirit Race don't have what you're looking for; how could it possibly be in our possession?" Han Li sighed in a resigned manner.

Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan had alr

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