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Within the span of just two breaths, the shrieking ceased, and the streak of light was incinerated into nothingness.

The purple-haired woman didn't hesitate any longer upon seeing this and immediately attacked the other devilish spirit.

She hurled her halberd through the air, and a tiger's roar rang out as the halberd transformed into a giant horned tiger projection, then released a pillar of black light out of its mouth, which stuck the other devilish spirit in a flash.

The body that was possessed by the devilish spirit and the white head were torn into countless pieces amid a violent explosion, immediately following which the woman rubbed her hands together before raising them toward the distance.

Ball of black flames erupted forth in a frenzy before sweeping up the fragments of the devilish spirit and setting them alight.

The purple-haired woman then waved a hand to draw her halberd back to herself before appraising the black flames with a faint smile on her face.

It seemed that these devilish spirits weren't as troublesome to deal with as the records had suggested.

However, as soon as this thought appeared in her mind, the black flames in the distance suddenly exploded, and wisps of devilish flames erupted forth in all directions, among which were interspersed countless thumb-sized specks of light.

These specks of light detached themselves from the devilish flames, then converged toward the same spot to form a faint white figure.

The black devilish flames she had unleashed were completely unable to harm this devilish spirit!

The woman drew a sharp breath upon seeing this, and only then did she realize that the silver flames released by Han Li were no ordinary flames.

Right at this moment, the devilish spirit hurtled directly toward her as a streak of white light, and within the blink of an eye, it was only several tens of feet away from her.

The woman was slightly alarmed to see this, but she didn't panic in the slightest as she swept her halberd through the air to unleash countless streaks of black light that plunged down toward the white light.

At the same time, she made a hand seal with her other hand to release a ball of green light, which swelled to the size of a wagon wheel in the blink of an eye, revealing itself to be a crescent-shaped blade.

The oncoming streak of white light didn't take any evasive measures as it crashed headfirst into the black light and green blade.

The white figure then somehow passed directly through the opposing attacks before pouncing directly toward the purple-haired woman.

The purple-haired woman's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and she suddenly rose up slightly before hurling her halberd through the air while launching her other fist toward the white figure at the same time.

Her fist appeared to be very delicate, but as it was thrust through the air, a patch of space that was several tens of feet in size abruptly collapsed.

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