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After that, Han Li clasped his hands behind his back and waited in silence.

After the span of just a few breaths, specks of light flashed in the distant sky.

Spatial fluctuations erupted several hundred feet away, and a ball of pink light and a cloud of black Qi had appeared in unison.

A giant floral tree projection emerged amid the pink light, and Bao Hua and Hei'e were revealed.

Meanwhile, the ball of black Qi transformed into the black-robed young man that was Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan.

As soon as they appeared, they began to carefully appraise Han Li.

Shortly thereafter, a peculiar look flashed through Bao Hua's eyes, and she smiled as she said, "You were quickly closing in on the three-day deadline, so I was concerned that something had happened to you, but it seems that my concerns were unwarranted; I can see that you've benefited immensely from the Spirit Cleansing Pond."

"I think you're far more concerned about the spirit medicine in my possession than you are about me," Han Li replied with a calm smile.

"Is there a difference? If you had been trapped in the Spirit Cleansing Pond, then the spirit medicine would be completely out of my grasp," Bao Hua replied in a nonchalant manner.

"Cut the chit-chat! You've emerged from the Spirit Cleansing Pond, so it's time to hand over the spirit medicine. Otherwise, I'll have to take it from you by force!" the black-robed young man threatened with a menacing look in his eyes.

"Rest assured, I don't intend to revoke my promise." Han Li smiled as he flipped a hand over to produce a pair of jade boxes, which he tossed toward the pair of devilish patriarchs without any hesitation.

Both Bao Hua and Yuan Yan immediately reached out to draw their respective jade box into their grasp, and the latter immediately removed the lid from his jade box with unbridled excitement on his face.

His expression of excitement was then instantly replaced by one of ecstasy as he caught sight of the spirit medicine in the box.

"Haha, I've been trying to grow a Devil Refining Herb for tens of thousands of years to no avail; who would've thought that I would obtain one under these circumstances? Hold on, what have you left on this spirit medicine?"

All of a sudden, Yuan Yan's elated laughter came to an abrupt halt as a furious look appeared on his face.

Bao Hua had also just inspected her spirit medicine with her spiritual sense, and the smile on her face had also vanished as she asked in a bone-chilling voice, "What is the meaning of this, Fellow Daoist Han? Do you think your little tricks will be able to escape our notice?"

Both of the devilish patriarchs immediately began to appraise Han Li with animosity in their eyes.

Han Li remained completely unfazed by this, and he said in an unhurried manner, "Before we discuss anything else, let me ask you this: are the spirit medicines in the boxes authentic?"

"Hmph, the spirit medicines are indeed authentic, bu

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