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"Rest assured, Brother Long. As long as we won't have to face any devilish lords from the Zhao Family, we won't have to reveal our Body Integration Stage cultivation bases. We'll just take their devilish lizards and immediately get away," Holy Maiden Thousand Autumns replied with a confident smile.

Han Li and the woman from the Ye Family naturally had no objections, either.

After that, everyone began to discuss the finer details of the operation and to ascertain each individual step.

Several hours later, Han Li and the others departed from the cave abode and returned to Illusion Night City.

During the next two and a half a month, Han Li continued to cultivate in seclusion in his pavilion, awaiting the arrival of the agreed date.

During this time, he had communicated with the Long Family patriarch on several occasions, and it seemed that everything was progressing very smoothly.

Not only had the Long Family patriarch tempted the Zhao Family into plotting against him, he had lured the two devilish lords of the family into a decision to target him in person.

However, the Long Family patriarch had remained in Illusion Night City this entire time, so he hadn't afforded the Zhao Family any opportunity to attack him.

On this day, Han Li was meditating in his pavilion when a low ringing sound suddenly erupted from his waist, following which a ball of white light emerged, then transformed into a line of text.

A smile appeared on Han Li's face as he read the line of text, and he stood up before going downstairs.

Once he reached the hall on the first floor of the pavilion, he was greeted by the sight of Zhu Guo'er seated on a chair beside the pavilion's entrance with one hand supporting her chin, staring off into space in an absent-minded manner.

As soon as Han Li emerged, Zhu Guo'er immediately returned to her senses and hurriedly extended a respectful curtsey.

"Come with me," Han Li instructed before making his way out of the pavilion.

Zhu Guo'er faltered slightly before an elated look appeared on her face, and she hurriedly followed along behind Han Li.

During this recent period of time, Han Li hadn't abused her in any way, but it was very boring for her to stay in the pavilion for days on end, and she felt as if she had been trapped in a cage. Now that she was permitted to leave the pavilion with Han Li, she was naturally ecstatic.

After departing from the pavilion, Han Li hailed a beast-drawn carriage and left Illusion Night City with Zhu Guo'er.

After exiting the city, Han Li swept up Zhu Guo'er in a burst of azure light before flying toward a nearby nameless mountain.

A short while later, Han Li descended onto the mountain, where the man from the Lin Family was already waiting for him.

He still had the appearance of an elderly man, but his grey hair had reverted back to a black color, and a hint of color had returned to his cheeks.

This was clearly all thanks to the Essence

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