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After that, she injected her magic power into the jade pendant, and the crimson pattern suddenly began to move as if it had sprung to life.

"That's fantastic! With this jade pendant telling us the devilish beast's location, we won't have to worry about any surprise attacks, so the initiative will completely be on our side," the burly man said in an elated manner.

Thus, he switched positions with his sister, allowing her to lead the way in his stead.

The group continued onward and soon made their way into a mine tunnel. Judging from the small pits that lined the entire tunnel, the Firecloud Stones nearby had clearly all been already mined.

Even so, the scorching temperature in here was noticeably higher than when they had first arrived underground.

If it weren't for the fact that this mine was situated in the Illusion Howl Desert, everyone would've already unleashed earth movement techniques to seek out that devilish beast, but as things currently were, they could only progress deeper and deeper into the mine through the tunnels.

There were countless tunnels in this mine, with crossroads set up at regular intervals, creating a cobweb-like system. These tunnels ranged from just over 100 feet to around half a kilometer in length, and most of them had already been completely mined with only some of the more obscure tunnels still harboring Firecloud Stones that were yet to be excavated.

However, after passing through around a dozen tunnels and arriving at a crossroads leading into four or five different tunnels, Han Li's eyes suddenly narrowed slightly.

All of these tunnels were shimmering with specks of crimson light, and the walls were riddled with fist-sized crimson crystals.

However, Han Li wasn't looking at all of these precious materials. Instead, he was looking at a set of headless remains that lay slumped at the entrance of one of the tunnels.

Even though the body was complete aside from its missing head, its skin was completely shriveled up, as if its blood and flesh had somehow been completely stripped away, leaving only a pouch of skin behind.

The purple-haired woman and the burly man had naturally also seen the set of remains, and a hint of surprise flashed through their eyes.

The purple-haired woman glanced at the robes being worn by the set of remains, and her expression immediately darkened as she made a grabbing motion toward the headless body.

A small scrap of cloth detached itself from the robe before being drawn into her grasp.

Han Li took a glance at it to find that a faint silver "Bai" character was emblazoned on that scrap of cloth.

"This is a disciple of our Bai Family, but it's hard to tell which one it is," the purple-haired woman said with furrowed brows.

The burly man harrumphed coldly before also making a grabbing motion toward the headless body, and an azure leather pouch was drawn toward him before exploding at his behest, releasing a swarm of huge crimson

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