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"Devil Refining Herb!" Bao Hua and Yuan Yan exclaimed in unison at the sight of this new spirit medicine, and the latter immediately sprang forward, instantly vanishing on the spot.

In the next instant, a burst of black light flashed before Han Li, and Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan reappeared amid a gust of fierce winds before reaching out toward the spirit medicine like lightning.

His face was currently slightly twisted, and he was staring intently at the silver spirit herb with bloodshot eyes, as if he had become completely fixated on it.

Han Li's expression darkened upon seeing this, and he immediately swept a sleeve through the air, upon which the chunk of five-colored glacial ice vanished in a flash. Immediately thereafter, he let loose an enraged roar as he launched a golden-scaled fist through the air.

A resounding boom akin to an explosive thunderclap rang out, and golden and black light intertwined as powerful shockwaves erupted in all directions.

The entire sky tremored violently, and countless thin white rifts appeared in the nearby space before quickly fading again.

At the epicenter of the explosion, two humanoid figures flew back in opposite directions, and only after shooting back several hundred feet did they both manage to steady themselves.

It seemed that Han Li and Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan had been evenly matched during that clash.

Han Li turned toward the black-robed young man with a frosty expression, and yelled, "Are you planning to take my spirit medicine by force? If so, I'd be more than happy to take you on!"

As soon as his voice trailed off, a golden devilish head appeared on one of his shoulders amid a flash of golden light, and a golden-scaled devilish arm also emerged on either side of his body.

Having attained two heads and four arms, Han Li clenched his four fists at once, and a terrifying aura that was several times more powerful than what he had previously possessed erupted from his body.

"Second Nirvana Transformation! So you really have cultivated the Holy Nirvana Physique to a higher level!" Bao Hua murmured to herself as a hint of surprise flashed through her eyes.

As for Sacred Ancestor Yuan Yan, a wary look had appeared on his face at the sight of the new form that Han Li had adopted.

However, the Devil Refining Herb was clearly extremely important to him, and he took a deep breath before announcing, "That Devil Refining Herb has no use to you; if you're willing to hand it over to me, I'll immediately leave this place, and I won't interfere with this matter any longer."

"Devil Refining Herb? That's the first time I've heard this name. Would you be able to introduce it to me?" Han Li asked in a cold voice.

"Just like the Heavenvoice Lightning Core, the Devil Refining Herb is a spirit medicine that should only exist in the upper realm. As for its effect, just as Fellow Daoist Yuan Yan said, it's only useful to devilish beings like us. However, due to cert

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