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Han Li merely remained silent and pointed a finger up at the dark clouds above the sea of lightning.

Just as everyone else was wondering what he was pointing at, Bai Qi also swept his gaze upward, upon which he immediately exclaimed, "What is that thing?"

Everyone else also looked up into the dark clouds, but none of them could see anything.

Right at this moment, Han Li made a grabbing motion, and an azure longsword appeared in his grasp before being slashed toward the distant sky.

A clear ringing sound erupted, and an azure sword projection that was over 1,000 feet in size appeared before hurtling directly toward the dark clouds up ahead.

Han Li had injected an enormous amount of power into the attack, and everyone was stunned by how fearsome it was.

The surrounding space in the wake of the azure sword projection warped and twisted, and a massive rift was sliced into the dark clouds up above.

Through this rift, everyone else was able to catch a glimpse of a mountainous golden beast hovering high in the air.

This was a gargantuan shimmering golden beast with countless dazzling bolts of lightning revolving around its body.

The Long Family patriarch was only able to make out a hard golden shell and a series of sharp spikes on the shell, but was unable to identify what type of devilish beast this was.

A wisp of the giant beast's aura seeped out of the rift, and everyone's expressions changed drastically as they discovered that they were completely unable to ascertain the cultivation base of the golden beast with their spiritual sense.

On top of that, there was a hint of pressure imbued within that wisp of aura that was extremely threatening even to late-Body Integration cultivators like the Long Family patriarch.

The term "true spirit" instantly sprang into everyone's minds upon sensing this fearsome aura.

What was even more peculiar was that despite the massive commotion that Han Li had caused, the giant golden beast remained completely still, as if it were in a deep slumber, and it was a good thing that this was the case. Otherwise, everyone on the giant ark would've fled for their lives already.

Even so, everyone's faces had paled significantly, and they were scrutinizing the giant golden beast with intense unblinking eyes, ready to bolt as soon as it made any move.

A tense silence settled over the entire giant, and after a long while, the silence was finally broken by Bai Qi.

"Rest assured, fellow daoists; the beast isn't displaying any signs of life, so it should just be a carcass."

"Are you sure, Brother Bai?" The woman from the Ye Family was still quite concerned.

"I've cultivated an ability that can detect signs of life within all living beings; the fact that this is a beast carcass is the reason why I was unable to sense it earlier," Bai Qi replied.

"That's good to hear. Having said that, for a carcass to possess such a fearsome residual aura basically confirms th

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