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"I was wondering why you hadn't made any progress after all these years; turns out you never truly recovered from the injuries you sustained in your battle with me. Now that all six of your clones have been slain by me and you're trapped in my Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain, there's no way you can get out this predicament." Bao Hua's voice rang out from the area enshrouded within the flower petal projections.

However, she received no response aside from the incessant rumbling within the vast expanse of white mist.

"You chose to sacrifice your six clones rather than flee from here; you must be waiting for Nie Pan and Yuan Yan, right?" Bao Hua said as a mocking sneer appeared on her face.

"So what if I am? After I took over your position as one of the three patriarchs, Nie Pan and Yuan Yan both agreed to ensure my safety to the best of their abilities. Don't forget that I'm one of the three patriarchs now. I knew that you would take advantage of this opportunity to take revenge on me, so I've already informed those two of what you're planning." A furious female voice finally rang out in response from within the mist.

"Nie Pan and Yuan Yan may have promised to protect you from my revenge, but they'll have to be able to get to you first," Bao Hua said with a smile.

"What do you mean that? Are you saying that you've recruited allies as well? Who would dare to oppose Yuan Yan and Nie Pan in our holy realm? Could it be that you recruited those powerful beings from foreign realms? How did you convince them to make enemies of Yuan Yan and Nie Pan for your sake?" A hint of fear finally crept into Liu Ji's voice.

"I did indeed have to pay quite a heavy price to recruit those two allies. One of them possesses powers that are about on par with Nie Pan and Yuan Yan, while the other is most likely even more powerful than them, so you're going to be disappointed if you're waiting for reinforcements," Bao Hua chuckled.

Liu Ji quickly calmed down, then said in a skeptical manner, "Hmph, one of them has to be Old Man Copper Crow; there's no doubt about that, but who's the other one? Which one of those foreign beings could possess superior powers to us patriarchs? You're not bluffing, are you?"

"You'll know soon enough whether I'm bluffing or not. After all, Yuan Yan and Nie Pan aren't that far away from where we are right now; perhaps they'll be able to come and save you given enough time, but you'll have to be able to last that long first," Bao Hua replied in a cold voice.

Liu Ji harrumphed coldly in response before falling silent once again.

She knew that regardless of whether Bao Hua was telling the truth, she wouldn't be able to win in this war of words, so she chose to remain silent.

A cold smile appeared on Bao Hua's face, and she suddenly said something that made Liu Ji's heart completely sink.

"Are you counting on the final trump card that you have up your sleeve? Do you think that you'll be able to make a

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