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"Quick! We have to strike it down now; its aura is becoming more and more powerful, so it must be recovering its powers!" the elderly man yelled as he swept his spiritual sense toward the carcass.

He then vanished on the spot before reappearing over 1,000 feet away.

Immediately thereafter, he laid a hand onto the top of his own head, releasing a burst of blue light, within which sat a miniature humanoid figure that was completely identical to him.

As soon as the miniature humanoid figure appeared, a string of blue beads flew out of its body.

Each bead was only around the size of a thumb, but they were of an extremely deep blue color with impeccably smooth surfaces.

All of a sudden, the beads transformed into balls of light the size of wagon wheels at the elderly man's behest, then flew toward the giant carcass with devastating force.

As for the black-robed woman, she gritted her teeth before transforming into a cloud of crimson mist that vanished into the nine-headed snake projection behind her.

Immediately thereafter, the world's origin Qi within the abyss surged into the nine-headed snake projection in a frenzy, allowing it to instantly take on a substantial form.

In this form, the snake had resplendent colorful scales, but its nine heads were as red as blood, and it opened its cavernous mouths once again to release purple devilish flames that were several times purer than what had been unleashed before.

Even though the carcass hadn't unleashed any attacks yet, the sense of pressure it was giving off struck both of them with a strong sense of foreboding.

The carcass had risen to its feet, but it seemed yet to return to normal as its movements were still quite clumsy and maladroit.

The dozen or so balls of blue light crashed into the invisible wall near the carcass, triggering a string of earth-shattering explosions that sent powerful shockwaves erupting in all directions.

These balls of light didn't appear to be all that remarkable, but all of them were imbued with incredible power.

The carcass raised its arms to shield itself, but it was still forced back a step with each ball of light that exploded.

After taking around a dozen steps backward in succession, the invisible wall around it finally shattered, and its smooth jade-like front limbs were quickly riddled with countless thin cracks.

Before the carcass had a chance to do anything, the nine-headed snake also arrived before transforming into nine chains of flames that bound themselves tightly around the massive carcass.

The purplish-black chains of flames were giving off an incredibly corrosive aura, instantly branding deep black gashes onto the carcass.

The dozen or so balls of light also began to bombard the carcass from all directions.

In the face of their combined attacks, the giant carcass had been forced onto the back foot, and both the elderly man and black-robed woman were ecstatic to see this.

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