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This was a pair of young men with vastly contrasting appearances; one of them was a silver-armored man with a head of white hair and a set of handsome facial features, while the other was a very thin and short yellow-robed man with a less than pleasant appearance.

Both of them were giving off mid-Body Integration Stage auras, and they immediately extended respectful salutes toward the pair in the hall.

The silver-armored man asked, "Do you have some instructions for us, Seniors?"

"No need for formalities. I'm sure you two have heard about what's just happened outside the city, right?" the green-robed woman asked.

The silver-armored man's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this, and he replied in a cautious manner, "We have, but all we know is that we were attacked by a being who seems to be very powerful."

"Brother Yi and I have some ideas about what that man's intentions may be, but we require confirmation, so we need you two to do some investigating," the green-robed woman said.

The pair of young men had already guessed that such a task was waiting for them, but their expressions still changed slightly upon hearing this.

The silver-armored man was feeling very uneasy, but he could only muster up some courage before replying, "Er... That man's powers are clearly far beyond ours; I'm afraid that if we were to undertake this task, it would inevitably end in failure and pose a further hindrance to the two of you."

The green-robed woman's expression darkened slightly, and a hint of impatience crept into her voice as she said, "Hmph, so you two are scared! Rest assured, I'm not asking you to go after that man; what I want is for you to use your concealment abilities to see if there are any other unfamiliar people in the Small Asura Realm aside from that man. With your powers, that should be easily achievable, right?"

The yellow-robed man was also quite uneasy, but he was greatly relieved to hear this. "I see. In that case, there are no issues; we'll set off right away."

The silver-armored young man was still rather hesitant, but he also agreed in the end.

The green-robed woman gave a pleased nod, then said, "Alright, you can go now. This realm isn't very big, so it shouldn't take you more than a few days to ascertain exactly how many outsiders have arrived here."

"We'll do our best, seniors," the two young men answered in unison, then departed from the hall.

As soon as they emerged outside, both of them turned to one another with wry smiles on their faces.

"Let's go then. We've already accepted the task, so we'll have to split up and complete it to the best of our abilities. If that man does have companions, then they're most likely quite powerful as well, so make sure to be careful, Brother Wan," the silver-armored man said as he cupped his fist in a parting salute.

"Thank you for the words of concern, Brother Wu Ying. I can summon tens of thousands of clones, so even if I encounter a Gr

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