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After drawing the three Gold Devouring Beetles back into his spirit beast bracelet, Han Li closed his eyes to meditate again.

At the conclusion of the three Gold Devouring Beetles' battle, only the most powerful one would remain.

As for whether that final faux beetle monarch would be able to evolve into a legendary Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch, Han Li wasn't all that confident.

After all, it was said that Gold Devouring Beetle Monarchs were so powerful than even true immortals were very wary of them.

Of course, this was only a rumor; no race in the entire Spirit Realm had ever managed to nurture a Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch before.

As such, it was difficult to say just how powerful the beetle monarch would be; Han Li would just have to wait and see.

With his current powers, the average Grand Ascension Stage being wouldn't be of much assistance to him. Thus, he had already decided that once he returned to the Spirit Realm, he was going to get his Leopard Kirin Beast to go into seclusion as well.

Even though spirit beasts generally progressed slowly with age, he should be able to accelerate that process with his vast collection of pills.

With that in mind, Han Li gradually entered a state of deep meditation.

The white flying boat surged through the air without any disguise or concealment, but the Grand Ascension Stage aura emanating from it was enough to scare away all of the nearby devilish beasts.

Half a month later, a boundless snowland appeared down below.

Heavy snow intermingled with frosty winds and chunks of fist-sized hail were sweeping incessantly through the air, but the flying boat was completely unaffected, enshrouded within a white light barrier.

The two giant ape puppets continued to guide the flying boat forward, and several days later, the thick snow down below was nowhere to be seen, having been replaced by massive icy glaciers.

There were countless transparent mountains of different sizes in the surrounding area, as well as some small white furry beasts that were running around on the ice, completely disregarding the flying boat up above.

It was clear that these devilish beasts were of such a lowly caliber that they couldn't even sense Han Li's almighty aura.

All of a sudden, a streak of silver light shot forth from the flying boat, then flew through the cluster of beasts before returning to the boat in a flash.

Silvermoon reappeared at the front of the boat amid a flash of silver light, holding a small white beast with a wide smile on her face.

The beast bore a strong resemblance to a white bear, but it had a short blue horn and a pair of remarkably long ears, presenting a very adorable package.

The little beast was currently being held by the scruff of its neck and was kicking erratically with its four legs in a blind panic. At the same time, traces of blue electricity were crackling around its short horn, and it seemed to be very uncoordinated.


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