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A phoenix cry rang out, and a ball of five-colored light erupted out of the shattered formation plate before enveloping Bao Hua's entire body.

Spatial fluctuations erupted, yet just as Bao Hua was about to vanish into thin air, a tender yet very cold voice rang out from down below.

"You're not going anywhere."

As soon as the voice trailed off, the water down below parted, and a shadow suddenly shot out.

A resounding thump rang out as Bao Hua was sent flying by a burst of tremendous force, and the layer of five-colored light around her instantly shattered.

Only after flying back for around 500 feet did she manage to just barely steady herself, and she couldn't help but throw up a mouthful of blood.

It seemed that she had sustained some substantial injuries from that attack!

However, she had been very alert and injected all of her magic power into the protective spiritual light around her right before she was struck by that attack. Otherwise, even if that attack wouldn't have been able to kill her, she would definitely still have ended up with far more severe injuries.

Everyone else was naturally very alarmed to see this.

Han Li immediately focused his gaze on the spot where Bao Hua had been standing before, and he caught sight of a small and delicate figure.

This was a little girl who appeared to be no more than 12 years of age, and she was slowly withdrawing her little fist as she appraised the Grand Ascension Stage beings present with a hint of a smile on her face.

The little girl had a dark complexion and was wearing an extremely ordinary set of tight-fitting clothes. Her appearance was quite ordinary, but her eyes were completely grey, as if she were blind from birth, and there was a glossy black crystal embedded into her glabella.

The crystal was very similar in appearance to the one left behind after the giant insect's body had disappeared, except it was darker and smaller, seemingly able to suck in all light.

The little girl was the one who had just sent Bao Hua flying, and as she cast her gaze toward Han Li, the latter immediately felt a chill run down his spine.

As for the other Grand Ascension Stage beings, they were also very unsettled by the little girl's sweeping gaze.

Even though she hadn't introduced herself, the fact that she had been able to send Bao Hua flying with a single attack was a clear indication that she was most likely the Stemborer Queen.

As for what that giant insect from before was, no one had the spare capacity to worry about that now; all of them had their attention focused entirely on this little girl.

No one had been able to clearly see the punch that had just sent Bao Hua flying; it had simply been far too fast.

The only one whose expression remained unchanged here was Daoist Xie.

He was appraising the little girl in an indifferent manner while arcs of silver lightning appeared over his body to form a lightning robe.

"Oh? An immorta

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