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Only then did Han Li take a glance at the colony of bats, and he extended a palm out of his sleeve before thrusting it nonchalantly through the air.

A dull thump rang out as all of the world's origin Qi within a radius of hundreds of kilometers shuddered violently.

Countless rays of five-colored light began to appear, then converged in a frenzy to form a mountainous five-colored palm that came crashing down toward the bat colony with devastating force.

In the face of the giant palm's enormous power, all of the crimson bats had begun exploding into clouds of blood mist even before the palm had fallen directly upon them.

As for their collective soundwaves, it had been instantly reduced to nothingness by this tremendous force.

The giant bat let loose an alarmed roar as the golden patterns on its body lit up, then erupted out of its body to form a golden light barrier that shielded it from all directions.

In the face of the enormous pressure, the golden light barrier tremored violently, while the giant bat was pressed flat onto the ground and completely immobilized.

"That's quite an interesting innate protective ability. Unfortunately, it's still too weak. Otherwise, I could've considered taking it as a spirit beast," Han Li murmured to himself with a slightly wistful expression.

He then pointed a finger toward the giant five-colored palm, and it instantly swelled drastically in size, crushing the golden light barrier and the giant bat before it even had a chance to cry out.

Han Li swept a sleeve through the air, and the giant five-colored palm instantly vanished, but there were still some golden runes lingering where the giant bat had just been before.

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly as he waved a hand toward the runes, releasing a burst of suction force that drew all of the runes into his grasp.

Han Li glanced at the golden runes before rubbing them between his hands, and golden light flashed erratically as the sound of metal grating on metal rang out.

As Han Li brought his hands apart again, a golden beasthide was revealed.

Those golden runes were none other than those golden patterns that had been on the giant bat's body.

"This thing can be refined into a decent protective treasure, so it looks like this wasn't a complete waste of time," Han Li murmured to himself before flipping a hand over to stow the beasthide away.

Immediately thereafter, his expression changed slightly as if he had sensed something, and blue light flashed within his eyes, upon which he caught sight of a massive flock of unidentifiable birds flying toward him from several hundred kilometers away.

These were a series of giant eagle-like birds each with two pairs of wings and a single horn on their heads, and all of them wore bloodthirsty expressions.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly as he withdrew his gaze, and after taking a final glance at the vast expanse of blood mist that was still lingering beneath the

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