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The elderly man faltered slightly upon hearing this. "What do you mean by that, Fellow Daoist Han?"

"If you mean no disrespect to us, then why have you welcomed us with a mere clone?" Han Li asked.

"Clone?" It was Mo Jianli's turn to be surprised now.

He hurriedly swept his spiritual sense toward the elderly man, but all he could sense was that the elderly man's aura was unfathomable to him, and his expression immediately darkened.

The elderly man was rather taken aback, and after staring at Han Li for a short while, he chuckled, "You have an exceptional eye, Fellow Daoist Han; I must say, I'm truly impressed. However, the fact that I mean no disrespect to the two of you still remains true. I'm sure that you've heard prior to your arrival that I'm currently in seclusion, and that is the truth. My true body is indeed currently in seclusion and unable to meet you two, which was why I had to send this clone. Truth be told, I was planning to meet with Fellow Daoist Xue Ran and Fellow Daoist Hei Lin using this clone as well," the white-robed elderly man admitted.

Mo Jianli's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and he was just about to say something when an unfamiliar male voice rang out from outside the pavilion.

"You were planning to greet us with a mere clone? Where is your sincerity, Brother Spirit? Could it be that you're in a seclusion of life and death? Otherwise, are we not worthy of an audience with your true body"

As soon as the voice trailed off, two dark-skinned figures foreign beings with a layer of scales covering half of their bodies strode into the hall.

The two of them were quite similar in appearance, and one of them had a layer of baleful crimson light enveloping his entire body, while the other had countless balls of black Qi revolving around him, forming countless tiny vortexes that were drawing in the nearby world's origin Qi incessantly.

"Forgive me for not coming out to greet you sooner, fellow daoists. I'm currently not in a seclusion of life and death, but this seclusion is very important nonetheless, and it will all be for naught if I come out too early," the white-robed elderly man explained with a smile.

"Hmph, I should teach you a..."

One of the foreign beings immediately flared up with rage, but his companion cut him off, and said, "It's alright, Brother Hei; we're not here to make friends anyway, so what does it matter if this isn't Brother Spirit's true body as long as he can give us what we want? Let's not waste any time with pointless arguments. By the way, who are these two fellow daoists, Brother Spirit? You never mentioned that you invited others for this deal."

Xue Ran cast a cold gaze toward Han Li and Mo Jianli as he spoke, and even with his Grand Ascension Stage powers, Mo Jianli felt a chill run down his spine in response to the Xue Ran's gaze.

It was clear that Xue Ran had cultivated some type of spiritual sense secret technique that posed a thr

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