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The entire abyss seemed to have been tipped upside-down; all of the surrounding seawater had vanished, while dark clouds had filled the entire sky up above, and a vast expanse of murky greyness that was tinged with specks of white light had appeared down below.

Ghostly howls rang out in the surrounding area, and gusts of glacial winds swept forth as the specks of white light slowly rose upward.

Bao Hua's expression changed drastically as she discovered these specks of white light were all skulls with white ghostly flames burning in their eye sockets, and the sheer number of them presented a chilling sight to behold.

"This is also a spirit domain?"

Han Li had felt the surrounding air instantly tighten as these skulls had appeared, and he was immediately struck by a sense of extreme peril, but nothing had actually happened.

However, an enlightened look then appeared on his face as he cast his gaze toward Bao Hua, who was currently making a rapid series of hand seals with a grim look on her face.

Her spirit domain had been shrunk down to less than a thousandth of its original size, covering an area of only around an acre.

All of the flower petal projections within this compressed spirit domain became extremely bright, while the fragrance they were emitting became several times more pronounced, and they were also fluttering through the air with far greater urgency.

However, the Stemborer Queen was nowhere to be seen outside the spirit domain. Instead, the only things that were visible were those countless white skulls.

They were blasting white flames out of their mouths to clash with the pink flower petals, sending bursts of energy fluctuations surging through the air.

With each clash that took place, Bao Hua's face would pale slightly, and a short while later, she was already sweating profusely.

"Brother Han, I've already compressed my spirit domain, but even so, I won't be able to last much longer," Bao Hua hurriedly said as an urgent look appeared on her face.

"I understand. Let me try and break through here; this isn't the True Immortal Realm, so I'm sure this isn't an actual Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain," Han Li said with a dark expression before issuing an instruction to Daoist Xie.

He then transformed into a giant golden ape that was several hundred feet tall, then sprouted two extra heads and four additional arms before thrusting his six giant fists viciously through the air.

Six head-sized balls of light erupted from his fists, then immediately appeared outside Bao Hua's spirit domain before exploding among the white skulls.

An earth-shattering explosion rang out as a vast expanse of golden light surged through the air, reducing all of the white skulls in its wake to ashes.

Han Li's attack had cleared out a wide berth around Bao Hua's spirit domain, and the pressure on her was immediately alleviated somewhat.

A hint of elation appeared on her face, yet her expression th

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