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"I'm surprised that you've already reached the late-Deity Transformation Stage in such a short time, Guo'er; looks like your Ice Essence Body is living up to its reputation," Han Li said with a smile.

"It's all thanks to your guidance and pills, Master. Otherwise, there's no way I would've reached this level so quickly," Bai Guo'er replied with a respectful duck of her head.

"Qi Lingzi, you've also reached the late-Deity Transformation Stage bottleneck, right?" Han Li asked.

Qi Lingzi's heart jolted slightly upon hearing this, and he hurriedly replied, "I am indeed only one step away from reaching the late-Deity Transformation Stage, but I'm unable to take that step no matter what I try."

"Looks like it's about time you two ventured into the primordial world. Your cultivation journey has progressed very smoothly thus far due to your exceptional aptitude and the pills I provided you with, but if you want to reach the Spatial Tempering Stage, cultivation alone won't allow you to get there. As is the case with a flower in a greenhouse, there's no way you can develop to your full potential without experiencing hardships; only in the primordial world can you find the opportunities that belong to you. I can bestow upon you my experiences and insights, but they may not be suitable for you," Han Li said in a meaningful voice.

Qi Lingzi was elated to hear this, and he replied, "Thank you for your guidance, Master. I had also been considering whether it was time for me to venture into the primordial world; now that I've received your approval, I can make a decision. Junior Martial Sister Bai and I will being preparing for the journey right away!"

Bai Guo'er also agreed with an unchanged expression, clearly having already anticipated this.

"The primordial world is an extremely perilous place, and it's not uncommon to see even Body Integration Stage beings perish in there. You two are only at the late-Deity Transformation Stage, so that risk is naturally only heightened for you. As such, I have some treasures for you to use when your lives are under threat," Han Li said.

"Thank you, Master!"

Qi Lingzi and Bai Guo'er didn't know what treasures Han Li would bestow upon them, but they were still very grateful in advance.

A faint smile appeared on Han Li's face as he swept a sleeve through the air, releasing two storage bracelets, one for each disciple.

"I've already prepared the treasures, and I had originally intended to wait for a few years before giving them to you, but it looks like I'll have to change my plans. There aren't many treasures in those storage bracelets, but if you use them wisely, you'll be able to save yourselves several times even against the average Body Integration Stage being," Han Li said in a confident manner.

Qi Lingzi and Bai Guo'er injected their spiritual sense into the storage bracelets, and they were ecstatic with what they saw as they extended another grateful salute.


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