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The golden rune on the icy mountain immediately began to glow with scintillating light, and the white threads that had been injected into the mountain converged to form a miniature humanoid figure that was around a foot tall.

The miniature figure was identical to the Spirit Monarch both in appearance and attire, and its eyes were tightly shut.

The Spirit Monarch then tapped a finger against his own glabella, and a translucent white thread erupted forth before plunging into the icy mountain and vanishing into the miniature humanoid figure's forehead in a flash.

The miniature figure slowly opened its eyes, revealing a pair of golden pupils.

"Thank you for your hard work; we're finally on the verge of success. After obtaining the Threads of Time, we'll be able to significantly shorten the amount of time required to refine this man. Otherwise, it'll take me at least 10,000 more years to refine him, and who knows what could happen during that time?" the miniature figure said in a voice that was also identical to that of the Spirit Monarch.

"That would naturally be best, but it's a pity that we have to offer those Sanqing Lightning Talismans for exchange. Those talismans were reserved to assist the most talented juniors of our Spirit Race to transcend their major heavenly tribulations," the Spirit Monarch sighed.

"It can't be helped. I did possess some talismans and pills from the True Immortal Realm that can't be found in the lower realms, but they've all been used up over time, so the only things in my possession that'll tempt those Grand Ascension Stage beings are the Sanqing Lightning Talismans. By the way, isn't that Han Li one of the people who ventured into the Elder Devil Realm with Thousand Autumns and the others?" the miniature figure asked.

"They are indeed one and the same. I don't know what happened during their journey into the Elder Devil Realm, but he was the sole survivor while Thousand Autumns and the others all perished. On top of that, he progressed to the Grand Ascension Stage as soon as he returned to the Spirit Realm, and during his celebratory ceremony, he was able to severely wound a Grand Ascension Stage Yaksha being with ease, so he's definitely no ordinary Grand Ascension cultivator," the Spirit Monarch said with a slightly solemn expression.

"It looks like he must've entered the Spirit Cleansing Pond and consumed a Clean Spirit Lotus. Otherwise, he wouldn't be this powerful. This is a good thing; the more powerful he is, the greater the chance that he'd be able to obtain a Thread of Time in the Small Asura Realm," the miniature figure replied.

"I was thinking the same thing. Otherwise, if Mo Jianli had been accompanied by Ao Xiao, I wouldn't have agreed to let them in on the deal," the Spirit Monarch said with a faint smile.

"Alright, seeing as everything is progressing smoothly, I'll leave everything to you. I have to focus on refining this true immortal's soul now; don't awaken me

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