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His nonchalant-looking palm strike was instantly able to pierce through the red light before clashing with the giant crimson hand, which was immediately struck by a burst of devastating force and crumbled into powder.

Despite this, the giant puppet remained completely expressionless, and crimson light radiated from its body as several devilish beastly projections that resembled cow-tiger hybrids emerged before pouncing toward Han Li.

Right at this moment, Han Li opened his mouth to release a streak of azure sword Qi, which instantly reached the puppet before revolving around its massive body. Spiritual light flashed violently from the puppet's body, but it was still sliced in half at the waist and toppled to the ground.

As for the beastly projections that had just been conjured up, all of them disappeared into plumes of smoke.

However, in the next instant, scorching crimson flames erupted from the crystals on the ground, releasing countless translucent threads that abruptly pulled the two halves of the puppet's body together again, and its wounds were instantly healed.

Han Li's expression remained unchanged upon seeing this, and he thrust a hand downward, upon which a shimmering golden hand that was around an acre in size appeared above the puppet before crashing down with devastating might.

The giant puppet was completely immobilized under the tremendous power being exerted by the palm, and countless white cracks appeared all over its body before it exploded into a ball of red light.

A fist-sized ball of golden light erupted out of the explosion before immediately attempting to flee, but Han Li seemed to have already anticipated this, and he harrumphed coldly as he made a grabbing motion with his outstretched hand.

The golden ball of light was immediately enveloped by a burst of enormous power, then drawn into Han Li's grasp, and he looked down to find that it was a golden ball that was riddled with holes and intricate runes.

The ball was virtually weightless, seemingly completely hollow.

"This is most likely the core of the puppet," Han Li said with an intrigued expression as he inspected the golden ball in his hand.

A wry smile appeared on Silvermoon's face upon seeing this.

She knew that Han Li's powers would be unimaginable to her now that he had reached the Grand Ascension Stage, but she hadn't witnessed him in action since his breakthrough, so there was no standard for her to judge just how powerful he was.

However, she knew that she would definitely be no match for that giant puppet, yet Han Li had destroyed it with ease.

This made it clear to her just how massive a disparity there was between her and Han Li, and the realization saddened her slightly.

Just as she was becoming absorbed in her own thoughts, the specks of silver flames in the air converged, and the silver Fire Raven re-emerged.

However, on this occasion, Han Li didn't spur on the Fire Raven to continue onward.

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