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A dull thump rang out as a shimmering golden fist shattered the wind blade with a vicious blow.

Immediately thereafter, Han Li appeared in front of Daoist Xie as he slowly withdrew one of his giant fists.

The Stemborer Queen faltered slightly upon seeing this.

That wind blade seemed to be quite ordinary, but in reality, it had been imbued with enormous power, and even the average spirit treasure wouldn't have been able to oppose it.

"Looks like I underestimated you; your physical body is quite powerful as well. I recall that among the group of Grand Ascension Stage beings that I trapped earlier, there was a demonic being with a very similar form to yours; are you using the same cultivation art as him?" the Stemborer Queen asked.

She was completely disregarding Daoist Xie and Bao Hua, choosing to focus entirely on Han Li.

"You must be referring to Sacred Ancestor Nie Pan. My Provenance True Devil Arts are slightly different, but our cultivation arts are indeed related. I possess a lot of powerful treasures and abilities, but in reality, my greatest trump card just so happens to be this physical body of mine as well," Han Li said as he made a hand seal with each of his six hands, upon which purplish-golden scales and silver patterns emerged all over his body.

At the same time, several giant true spirit projections emerged behind him before fusing as one with his body, and he suddenly transformed into a fiendcelestial that was over 10,000 feet tall with countless runes revolving around him.

His purplish-golden scales then transformed into a suit of intricate purplish-golden armor with countless runes engraved on its surface, and it was giving off an incredibly fearsome baleful aura.

Meanwhile, a tiny miniature humanoid figure that was identical to Han Li in appearance was seated in his dantian with a layer of silver flame burning around it.

Han Li's Nascent Soul had ignited an essential flame that was burning through his essential power.

As a result, his magic power and physical body would be enhanced by as much as twofold, but he wouldn't be able to maintain this form for long, and the after-effects were definitely going to be very severe.

The disdainful look on the Stemborer Queen's face finally faded upon seeing this.

"Is this the Holy Nirvana Physique of the Elder Devil Race? Wait, that's not all... This is the Hundred Meridian Refinement Mantra! How do you possess a secret technique from the Hundred Refinement Mountain of the True Immortal Realm? Ah, I see, you must've obtained this cultivation art from the Hundred Refinement Mountain traitor that fled down to the lower realms. Hehe, even so, you haven't received any guidance from a true immortal of the Hundred Refinement Mountain; do you really think your half-assed mastery of this secret technique will allow you to oppose me?" the Stemborer Queen said with a mocking sneer.

In the next instant, countless golden and silver runes emerged

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