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All eight of the Body Integration Stage Spirit beings possessed powerful treasures, but they were still forced back several steps by Mo Jianli's fearsome Grand Ascension Stage aura, and a hint of fear appeared in all of their eyes.

"It was never my intention to insult the human race, Senior!" the white-robed elderly man hurriedly yelled as sweat began to pour down his forehead.

However, Mo Jianli merely elevated his aura even further, as if he didn't hear what the elderly man had just said.

The eight Body Integration Stage Spirit beings were no longer able to contend with Mo Jianli's spiritual pressure, and only after eight projections of different treasures emerged from their bodies were they able to stand their ground.

Han Li immediately determined the treasures to be three talismans, two badges, a small white cauldron, and a silver scepter.

Mo Jianli harrumphed coldly upon seeing this, and he was just about to take another step forward and unleash his full spiritual pressure to teach these eight juniors a lesson when all of a sudden, a gentle breeze swept past Mo Jianli.

A warm aura swirled around Mo Jianli's body, and the fearsome spiritual pressure that he was releasing was instantly nullified.

Immediately thereafter, a gentle elderly voice rang out from within the breeze.

'"Allow me to offer my apologies on behalf of these juniors, Brother Mo. I am honored that the two of you have decided to visit me; there's no way I would refuse an audience with you. I'll be waiting at the summit for the two of you. Ling Mie, I've detected through my spiritual sense that Xue Ran and Hei Lin have already arrived at the foot of the mountain; four of you, go and greet them, while the rest invite Brother Mo to the Purple Qi Hall."

"Yes, Spirit Monarch!"

The eight Body Integration Stage Spirit beings extended respectful bows toward the mountain summit in unison, then withdrew their treasures projections, and the bald man immediately traveled down the mountain with three companions, while the white-horned elderly man and the others made inviting hand gestures toward Han Li and Mo Jianli.

"Seeing as the Spirit Monarch has spoken, I'll let things slide for now," Mo Jianli said after a brief pause, then flew up toward the mountain summit.

Han Li followed along behind him with a faint smile, and he was followed by the four remaining Body Integration Stage Spirit beings.

As they were flying up the mountain, the white-horned elderly man was surreptitiously appraising Han Li from behind with a peculiar expression.

Even though Han Li hadn't said anything just now, all of the Holy Spirits of the Spirit Race were aware that he was a new Grand Ascension Stage being that had just arisen among the human race.

There wasn't much information about him, but there was a confirmed rumor stating that he had once severely wounded a Grand Ascension Stage being from the Yaksha Race.

This evoked a sense of fear and curi

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