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"In that case, it'll only be able to withstand our attacks with its physical body, and there's no way that'll end well for it," Bao Hua paused momentarily before continuing, "However, the Stemborer Queen would've most definitely mastered the earth-attribute laws of heaven and earth as well, so I can't say for sure how long the Earth Emperor Nail will be able to restrict it for. As such, once I unleash this treasure, please attack without any hesitation."

"Rest assured, Fellow Daoist Bao Hua; our lives are on the line as well, so we definitely won't treat this lightly," the elderly man replied.

Everyone else also chimed in in agreement.

"Alright, as a safety precaution, I'll contact the spirit of the ancient seal first and get it to focus all of its power here, both to restrict the Stemborer Queen and to disguise what we're doing here," Bao Hua said.

She then made a strange hand seal and began to chant something, and the face within the mist suddenly appeared once again without any warning.

Bao Hua's lips tremored as she communicated with the face through voice transmission, and shortly thereafter, the misty face vanished again.

Almost at the exact same moment, Han Li and the others were suddenly struck by an indescribable sense of pressure.

They hurriedly examined themselves, and were relieved to find that this pressure wasn't affecting them in any substantial way.

At this moment, countless grey runes had appeared around Bao Hua, and they quickly enveloped her, leaving only a blurry silhouette of her body visible from the outside.

Strangely enough, as soon as the grey runes surrounded Bao Hua, her aura completely vanished.

She was still standing on the same spot, but she was completely undetectable through spiritual sense, as if she had fused as one with this entire space.

"The power of the ancient seal has completely concealed my aura, so no matter how close I get to the Stemborer Queen, it won't be able to detect me. I'm going to attack now; please get ready, everyone," Bao Hua said.

The elderly man nodded before summoning a white jade badge, which appeared amid a flash of spiritual light.

The surface of the badge was extremely intricate with countless spirit beast images engraved onto its surface.

"That's the Myriad Beast Badge! According to legends, this is a treasure that fell from the True Immortal Realm in ancient times. Back then, many Grand Ascension Stage beings had fought over this treasure; I didn't think that it would be in your possession," the black-robed woman exclaimed.

"Hehe, I was quite fortunate to have obtained this treasure," the elderly man said in a slightly smug manner.

A hint of envy appeared in the red-faced man's eyes, while Han Li was appraising the badge with an intrigued expression.

"With this Myriad Beast Badge, our chances of success will be boosted even further," Bao Hua said in an elated manner.

At this point, the black-robed woman and red

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