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There were three green suns up in the sky, one of which was larger than the other two.

The largest of the three suns was at the direct center of the sky, while the two smaller suns were situated to the east and to the west, and they were far inferior to the central both in size and radiance.

However, what caught Han Li's attention and made him quite wary were the balls of crimson light around the three green suns.

The balls of light were hovering around the green suns in a still manner, striking one with a sense of captivation when looked at from afar.

After staring at these balls of red light for a long while, Han Li suddenly caught a whiff of a honey-like scent.

His brows furrowed slightly as he swept a sleeve through the air without any warning, and a streak of azure light that was over 100 feet in length shot forth before quickly vanishing into the dense forest.

In the next instant, an earth-shattering roar rang out, and the ground tremored violently before everything fell silent again.

Han Li stood on the spot and cast his gaze toward the direction that the roar had come from.

Moments later, the streak of azure light re-emerged from the forest before returning up his sleeve.

Only then did Han Li fly toward that direction.

A distance of several tens of kilometers was covered by Han Li in a flash, and he caught sight of a gargantuan creature that was several thousand feet in length lying amid a cluster of felled trees.

The giant creature resembled a beast-insect hybrid, and even though its body had been sliced into several segments, one could still make out cicada wings and feelers typically found on demonic insects, as well as fur and sharp claws that were only found on beasts.

From a distance, the creature appeared to be a mix between a giant hornet and a rhinoceros.

The same honey-like aroma was being released by its massive body, and at such close quarters, the scent was even more pronounced.

Han Li swept his gaze through the surrounding area to find that all of the plants nearby were wilting at a rapid rate discernible to the naked eye, and they quickly turned completely withered and yellow.

Around the carcass of the massive beast was a series of black watermelon-sized insects that resembled praying mantises, and they were clearly long dead.

"This thing's poison sure is quite potent; the average person could be killed just by catching a whiff of it from hundreds of kilometers away," Han Li murmured to himself.

He was unable to determine exactly what this beast was, so it was most likely unique to the Small Asura Realm.

With that in mind, Han Li flicked a finger through the air, releasing a silver fire bead that landed on the massive carcass in a flash.

Scorching silver flames instantly erupted forth to engulf and incinerate the carcass into nothingness.

After that, Han Li flipped a hand over in an unhurried manner to produce a white egg-sized crystal ball, b

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