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"It looks like this Spirit Monarch really is very mysterious. Do you know what kind of deal Patriarch Shi Xin struck with the Spirit Monarch in exchange for that Sanqing Lightning Talisman?" Han Li asked.

"I'm afraid that's the only piece of information I didn't manage to gather. All I know is that the Spirit Monarch asked Patriarch Shi Xin to do something very dangerous for him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have promised Patriarch Shi Xin a Sanqing Lightning Talisman as compensation," Mo Jianli replied.

Han Li and Patriarch Ao Xiao were both quite surprised to hear this.

"If it hadn't been for the injuries that I had sustained in the Elder Devil Realm, I would've most likely paid the Spirit Race a visit as soon as I returned from the Elder Devil Realm," Mo Jianli said with a wry smile.

"Why didn't you mention this to me before, Brother Mo? If we had combined our powers, perhaps we would've been able to obtain a Sanqing Lightning Talisman from the Spirit Monarch," Patriarch Ao Xiao said as his brows furrowed slightly.

"What good would that have done? You had also sustained some injuries in the Elder Devil Realm, and your heavenly tribulation was imminent. If your injuries had been worsened even further during our confrontation with the Spirit Monarch, you'd probably be in even worse shape to transcend the tribulation even with one of those talismans. However, there's some hope now that Fellow Daoist Han has returned. If I'm not mistaken, Fellow Daoist Han's aura has become even more unfathomable compared to back before he entered the Elder Devil Realm. If he's willing to make the trip with me, it's possible that we could obtain a few Sanqing Lightning Talismans from the Spirit Monarch," Mo Jianli said.

"What? You want to go to the Spirit Race with Fellow Daoist Han?" Patriarch Ao Xiao's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

"That's right. With Fellow Daoist Han to accompany me, the Spirit Monarch wouldn't dare to plot against us even though the relations between the Spirit Race and our two races is rather strained. On top of that, we'll have to make this trip sooner or later. After all, my heavenly tribulation isn't far away, either, and I'm also not very confident that I'll be able to transcend it. In addition to that, the Sanqing Lightning Talisman will be very useful for Fellow Daoist Han as well; who knows if it could save you during a future heavenly tribulation?" Mo Jianli said.

A hesitant look appeared on Patriarch Ao Xiao's face, and he didn't say anything in response.

"Senior Mo, if those talismans really are that valuable, then the task that the Spirit Monarch wants to have done is most likely going to be extremely dangerous," Silvermoon cautioned.

Mo Jianli seemed to have already considered this, and he replied, "It's naturally going to be dangerous making a deal with the Spirit Monarch, but cultivators like us are constantly living on a knife's edge. Of course, Fellow Daoist Han doesn't hav

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