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"Hehe, you think you can disable the technique? If it were that easy to escape the technique's clutches, then it wouldn't have been listed as a restricted technique. Once you begin cultivating this secret technique, stopping halfway is not an option. At your current level, if you don't reach the third stage of the Spirit Refinement Technique within 10,000 years, your mind will be unable to contain your enormous spiritual sense, and you'll die from self-detonation. Under those circumstances, your fate will be sealed, even if you possess someone else in advance," the man chuckled coldly.

"At least I still have 10,000 years to find a solution. Come to think of it, aren't there only three stages in total to the Spirit Refinement Technique?" Han Li asked.

He naturally wasn't just going to blindly believe everything that was being told to him, and he immediately identified something suspicious.

The man faltered slightly upon hearing this before suddenly arriving at a realization. "Who told you that the Spirit Refinement Technique only has three stages? Ah, I see, you must've only obtained the first half of the Spirit Refinement Technique's cultivation method. There are actually seven stages in total; you've only mastered the first two stages, so you still have a long way to go."

"Thank you for telling me this, but would you happen to have the cultivation method for the second half?" Han Li asked.

"The Spirit Refinement Technique isn't exactly a rare cultivation art in the True Immortal Realm, but it's definitely not very commonplace, either. On top of that, trading and teaching the cultivation art is strictly prohibited, and I'm a patrolling envoy, so unfortunately, I do not have the second half of the secret technique. However, there's no need to be too concerned; as long as you can master the third stage, you'll have around 30,000 to 40,000 more years until you face the same crisis with your spiritual sense. With your aptitude, that should be more than enough time to ascend to the True Immortal Realm and find a solution there," the man replied in a meaningful voice.

"You make it sound like a simple task to ascend to the True Immortal Realm. If that really were the case, there wouldn't be so many fellow daoists stuck at the Grand Ascension Stage," Han Li said with a wry smile.

"Haha, you seem to have forgotten that you're speaking to a true immortal. If you receive my assistance, your chances of ascension will increase by at least 20%," the man chuckled in response.

Han Li was silent for a moment before replying, "I'm sure that I'll indeed have a better chance of ascending with your guidance, but surely you didn't summon me here just to help me, Senior."

"You're a smart man. Indeed, if you were useless to me, I would've still helped you kill that Stemborer Queen, but I definitely wouldn't have gone out of my way to teleport you here. I've done this because I want you to help me with something, and in exchange, I'l

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