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"I've heard that as soon as Asura Spiders are born, they already possess Nascent Soul Stage powers at a minimum, and that as they grow, their powers are rapidly enhanced, to the extent that they'll possess powers infinitely approaching the Grand Ascension Stage once they reach full maturity. There are even some Asura Spiders with exceptional aptitude that are comparable in power to true spirits. In order to be able to refine Threads of Time, we'll have to kill mature Asura Spiders, right?" Mo Jianli asked.

"You sure know a lot about these Asura Spiders, Brother Mo. Indeed, Threads of Time can only be extracted from mature Asura Spiders, and it'll generally take the cores of three Asura Spiders to refine a single Thread of Time. Of course, if you encounter an Asura Spider that's powerful enough, only one core will be required," the Spirit Monarch replied.

Mo Jianli fell silent as a wry smile appeared on his face, while Xue Ran and Hei Lin's expressions darkened even further.

After a short while, Xue Ran asked in a cold voice, "The Small Asura Realm is already fraught with perils, and mature Asura Spiders possess the ability to control time to a certain extent; even if they're not quite at the Grand Ascension Stage, they won't be any easier to deal with than the average Grand Ascension Stage being. On top of that, we'll have to kill at least three of them each to extract a single Thread of Time. We'll essentially be risking our lives the entire time; don't you think just a single Sanqing Lightning Talisman is insufficient compensation?"

"I don't think that's the case. Aside from those talismans, I've also brought out these two Asura Hearts. Considering how rare they are, they're only slightly inferior in value to Sanqing Lightning Talismans. On top of that, the Small Asura Realm has always been renowned as a place that's abundant with precious resources, so you should reap many rewards on your trip regardless of whether you manage to track down Asura Spiders; you can keep everything you obtain during your trip as an additional reward," the Spirit Monarch replied.

"That's not the same thing! The Asura Hearts are required for us to enter the Small Asura Realm, so they shouldn't count as part of the compensation. Besides, with half an Asura Heart each, we'll only be able to remain in the Small Asura Realm for around half a month; how will we have any time to search for additional treasures on top of Asura Spiders? Even if, by some immense stroke of fortune, we do find some valuable treasures, it's still not comparable to the risk that we're incurring. At our cultivation bases, safety is the most important thing. Don't forget that all of us want Sanqing Lightning Talismans to ensure our safety during our next heavenly tribulations," Xue Ran said in a cold voice.

Everyone else remained silent, but they were clearly in agreement with Xue Ran's words.

The Spirit Monarch's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this, and only af

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