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Half a day later, Han Li was seated on a futon within a secret chamber on the holy island that was surrounded by powerful restrictions.

There was a yellow ball of light hovering before him, within which was contained a fist-sized yellow gourd.

This was none other than one of the three most premium treasures he had obtained from Qi Ling's collection.

The azure halberd had been given to Silvermoon, and the final one of those three treasures was naturally none other than that Inkspirit Holy Ark.

The azure halberd had been infused with a fragment of an unknown Profound Heavenly Treasure, granting it immense metal and wood-attribute powers.

As for the Inkspirit Holy Ark, not only was it extremely massive and fast, it also possessed the ability to tear through space, so it certainly lived up to its reputation as one of the top three flying treasures of the Elder Devil Realm.

In contrast, this yellow gourd was refined from some type of unknown material that could absorb one's spiritual sense, and its lid was sealed tightly on its opening, making it impossible to open through conventional means.

As such, Han Li had no idea what the gourd contained, nor what its true purpose was.

However, whenever he grabbed the gourd and shook it around, a string of resounding booms would ring out within, indicating that it most likely contained something quite extraordinary.

The mysterious nature of the gourd naturally made Han Li very intrigued.

Back when he had first obtained the item, he had swallowed it and used his true essence to refine it day and night.

Now that so many days had passed, the treasure had finally been mostly refined and could be truly opened.

Han Li appraised the gourd momentarily before making a hand seal, then instantly flicked his 10 fingers through the air.

A string of five-colored runes shot forth, then vanished into the gourd in a flash.

He then made an extremely peculiar hand seal, and the Provenance True Devil Projection emerged behind him amid a flash of golden light.

A ball of black Qi also surged out of his glabella before transforming into the Law Destruction Eye.

Black light flashed erratically within the eye, following which an inky-black translucent thread shot forth before revolving around the opening of the gourd in a flash.

The lid of the gourd shuddered before falling off on its own.

A resounding boom rang out as specks of yellow light surged out in a frenzy, transforming into countless grains of yellow sand.

These grains of sand were very translucent and had wisps of yellow Qi revolving around them.

All of the grains of sand then converged to form a yellow cloud that was around 10 feet in size, looking completely unremarkable.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense toward the cloud of yellow sand, and a surprised look immediately appeared on his face.

"This is Baleful Golden Astral Sand! On top of that, it's been carefully refined so that it's co

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