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Within the silver flames was a thin grey line that was writhing incessantly, but no matter how much it struggled, it was unable to fly out of Han Li's grasp.

Silvermoon was quite stunned to see this, and Han Li explained, "This is Contaminant Yin Qi, which appears to be a living creature, but actually possesses no shape or form. It can seep into one's physical body without being detected, and under normal circumstances, even Body Integration Stage beings wouldn't be able to detect it; only after it accumulates to a certain extent and spontaneously erupts will its presence be made known."

"What? Doesn't that mean I've already..." Silvermoon was given quite a fright upon hearing this, and hurriedly inspected her own internal condition.

"Rest assured, I'm aware of this thing's presence, so I naturally wasn't going to allow it to approach us; I've already kept it out with my spiritual sense," Han Li chuckled.

"You gave me a huge fright there. You withheld this information from me on purpose, didn't you?" Silvermoon said as she rolled her eyes in an unintentionally seductive display.

Even with Han Li's resolute and steadfast mental state, he couldn't but be momentarily entranced by her stunning beauty, and he immediately averted his gaze.

"It's not that I didn't want to tell you about this in advance; it's just that this type of Qi is only dangerous due to its undetectable nature. Once detected, even a Spatial Tempering Stage being would be able to easily keep it at bay with their spiritual sense."

"So it's that easy to ward off; that's quite a relief." Silvermoon was elated to hear this, and she hurriedly released her spiritual sense as well.

"We should reach Sacred Ancestor Qi Ling's treasure once we get out of this maze, right? We already passed by two so-called treasure pavilions, but the treasures in there will only be able to fool the average devilish being; they're nowhere near valuable enough to catch our eyes," Silvermoon said with a smile.

"An ordinary Sacred Ancestor most likely wouldn't be capable of setting up any other measures, but back in Sacred Ancestor Qi Ling's heyday, his reputation was virtually comparable to that of the three devilish patriarchs, so there should be more stern obstacles ahead," Han Li replied.

"What else could he have set up? I'm guessing it's most likely going to be some type of powerful restriction or formation," Silvermoon speculated.

"Perhaps," Han Li replied in an indifferent manner.

While the two of them were conversing with one another, another cluster of beastly projections emerged, only to be promptly eradicated.

At this moment, they finally emerged from the maze, and a giant red gate that was several hundred feet tall appeared up ahead. The gate's surface was riddled with inky-black devilish patterns, and it seemed to be extremely heavy.

Han Li swept his spiritual sense toward the gate while appraising it with blue light flashing within his eyes,

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