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An explosive boom rang out, and the space before Han Li suddenly collapsed as the world's origin Qi in the surrounding area funneled into the green sword in a frenzy, releasing a terrifying doomsday-like aura.

This was the first time that Han Li had unleashed the full might of his Profound Heavenly Spiritslash Sword after reaching the Grand Ascension Stage.

A green crescent sword projection flew out of the collapsed space, and countless translucent runes surged out of its surface in a frenzy.

The collapsed space and the green crescent then exploded in unison, and the countless runes and green light combined to form a long near-transparent thread before abruptly vanishing.

The translucent thread seemed to be very ordinary, but in the instant that it appeared, the entire sky dimmed, and the surrounding space began to warp in a rhythmic manner.

All of the space was warping toward the translucent thread, as if it were bowing in reverence.

"Impossible! That's a thread of laws!" the little girl exclaimed as a stunned look appeared on her face, and a layer of black flames suddenly surfaced over her body as she donned a suit of bone armor that was riddled with countless sharp spikes.

Countless grey runes surged incessantly within the black flames, and each bone spike was as translucent as jade.

Innumerable silver patterns could be seen on the surface of the armor, and in the next instant, the translucent thread emerged right before the little girl amid a burst of spatial fluctuations.

She was immobilized by the spirit domain, so she could only watch as the thread of laws surged toward her.

Her bone armor and that layer of black flames managed to pose a slight hindrance to the translucent thread, but they were both breached in the end.

The little girl let loose an agonized cry as her body was sliced in half through the waist, and all of a sudden, thin gashes appeared all over her body before she was split up into countless chunks.


Bao Hua was ecstatic to see this, and she immediately made a hand seal, upon which the massive floral tree shrank down to only around half a foot tall.

Halos of rainbow light then surged forth from the miniature tree, and Bao Hua grabbed onto it before sweeping it rapidly through the air down below.

The branches and the countless flowers on the tree instantly withered away, and at the same time, countless giant crimson flowers appeared around the chunks of the little girl's dismembered body.

Each crimson flower opened up its petals before enveloping one chunk of flesh, then exploded into balls of pink light.

Once all of the explosions concluded, nothing remained of the little girl's body.

At this point, Bao Hua's miniature tree had clearly exhausted all of its power as well, and it shuddered before vanishing into thin air.

The entire spirit domain also surged violently before disintegrating.

Thus, Han Li and Bao Hua were the only ones that

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