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"There's a Grand Ascension Stage being up ahead!" Han Li's heart jolted as he immediately stopped on the spot.

Only after scanning through the nearby area several times was that burst of formidable spiritual sense withdrawn.

After that, peace and quiet returned to the area.

"An ordinary mature Asura Spider definitely can't release spiritual sense of that caliber; could it be that there really is an Asura Spider here more powerful than the average Grand Ascension Stage being? If so, then if I get any closer than this, I won't be able to conceal myself from their spiritual sense using normal concealment secret techniques. However, the fact that their spiritual sense could be released this far without waning in the slightest indicates that they're using some type of enhancement treasure," Han Li murmured to himself as a grim look appeared on his face.

If this Asura Spider really were comparable in power to a true spirit being, then even he would be ill-advised to take it lightly.

After contemplating the situation for a long while, he finally made a decision.

He flipped a hand over to summon a purple talisman, which immediately exploded into a cloud of purple mist that enveloped his entire body, and once the mist scattered, he was nowhere to be seen.

As a safety precaution, Han Li had used his High Zenith Invisibility Talisman once again.

Now that he had attained an insubstantial form, he was able to drift deeper into the mountain range without any inhibitions.

Even though he was unable to travel at his full speed in his current form, he was still able to quickly make his way into the mountain range.

At this point, he was already quite far away from the young woman, but through the spiritual sense mark he had planted on her, he was still able to clearly sense her exact location.

Thus, Han Li wasn't in a rush to catch up to her and merely continued onward in an unhurried manner.

However, after venturing close to 10,000 kilometers into the mountain range, his brows began to furrow slightly.

He had thought that due to the presence of the Asura Spider lair here, there would definitely be very few other beasts here, and at the very least, there wouldn't be any particularly powerful ones.

However, in the scope covered by his spiritual sense alone, he had already discovered several tens of Deity Transformation and Spatial Tempering Stage beasts, as well as two Body Integration Stage birds.

One of the two birds was crimson in color and was as massive as a cow, while the other was covered in steely grey feathers with a hideous fleshy lump on its head.

The two of them were perched on the branch of a giant tree several hundred kilometers away from Han Li, and one of them was constantly looking around, while the other seemed to have fallen asleep.

As for the other beasts in the area, all of them human-beast hybrids, and they were patrolling the area in several groups.

The beasts of the Sma

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