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"I'm giving these treasures to you all as gifts, so I'm naturally not going to take them back," Bao Hua said with a smile.

"With these treasures in our possession and the Profound Heavenly Treasure capable of suppressing insects, I'm sure we'll be able to handle the Stemborer Queen; I'll come as well," the elderly man said.

The black-robed woman also gave a slight nod after a brief moment of contemplation.

Bao Hua was ecstatic to see this, but Han Li was the one that she held in the highest regard here. "What about you, Brother Han?"

"I certainly can't back down now that everyone else has agreed to go," Han Li replied as he stowed his formation plate away.

With his current powers and collection of treasures, he would be able to ensure self-preservation even against a true immortal, let alone a severely debilitated Stemborer Queen.

"Alright, I'll get the spirit of the ancient seal to teleport us there right away. Our two fellow daoists from the Black Night Realm should also be in that area, and their inclusion will even further increase our chance of success," Bao Hua said with a smile.

Immediately thereafter, she cast an incantation seal into the grey mist up ahead, and the mist parted to reveal a path.

Bao Hua drifted into the path without any hesitation, and everyone else hurriedly followed along as well.

Shortly thereafter, everyone emerged into a spacious area with a grey teleportation formation on the ground.

A voice could be heard coming from all directions, as if someone were saying something to them, but only Bao Hua seemed to be able to understand what was being said as she nodded before making her way into the formation with a solemn expression.

Everyone else hesitated momentarily before walking into the formation as well.

Once everyone had entered the formation, it was activated on its own, and the entire group vanished amid a flash of spiritual light.


Meanwhile, the inky-black bowl on the sacrificial altar within the mysterious stone forest suddenly tremored slightly, and a faint male voice rang out.

"So those people are planning to target that Stemborer Queen. Hehe, how foolish! They've completely overestimated themselves. I have to keep that brat alive somehow, so it looks like I'll have no choice but to use that thing..."

A forlorn sigh then rang out, as if an important sacrifice were being made.

A metallic clang then sounded in the air, and eight thin silver chains appeared above the altar.

One end of each chain was connected to the edge of the bowl, while the other ends were connected to the lamps atop the eight copper pillars.

A burst of unintelligible chanting rang out from within the bowl, and the chain that was connected to the only lit lamp began to tremor slightly.

All of a sudden, countless tiny golden runes emerged on the lamp before being rapidly funneled over to the altar along the chain, then disappeared into the black bowl.


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