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Mo Jianli was naturally quite alarmed by this, and his protective spiritual light immediately swelled as he attempted to force the chain open from the inside, but the chain merely expanded alongside his protective spiritual light, rendering him unable to break free.

Right at this moment, the Buddha projection behind the bald Spirit being had swept its rainbow badge through the air again, and a rumbling boom rang out as the surface of the badge warped and blurred before it released a huge rainbow rune.

The rune then quickly transformed into a dazzling hiltless blade of light that was around 10 feet in size. There were even facial features that had appeared on the blade, making it look as if it were a living creature.

Even with his Grand Ascension Stage power, Mo Jianli felt a chill run down his spine as he swept his spiritual sense toward the blade.

Right at this moment, the blade began to release a loud buzzing sound, and Mo Jianli's pupils abruptly contracted as he released several different defensive treasures at once, all of which transformed into balls of spiritual light above him.

These were the defensive treasures that he was able to release the quickest under the restriction of the fiery chain. There were other more potent defensive measures that he could take, but he didn't have enough time to unleash them.

All of a sudden, the light blade in the air vanished on the spot.

At the same time, the defensive treasures above Mo Jianli were all sliced in half as if they were nothing more than blocks of tofu.

After that, the light blade came slashing down viciously toward Mo Jianli, and even before it had truly descended upon him, he was already struck by a chilling sensation.

Under normal circumstances, Mo Jianli would be able to easily evade the attack, but he was currently bound by the fiery chain, so he could only look on with a furious expression as the blade came crashing down toward him.

A fierce look suddenly appeared on his face, and a miniature figure that was completely identical to him abruptly emerged out of the top of his head amid a flash of spiritual light.

He had released his Nascent Soul, which immediately rose up into the air while wielding a pair of silver swords to oppose the oncoming blade.

All of a sudden, a faint azure figure appeared beneath the blade in a wraith-like manner, and with nothing more than a nonchalant punch, he was able to destroy the light blade before appearing just over 100 feet away from Mo Jianli in a flash.

The azure figure was none other than Han Li, and he had arrived at an incredible speed to save Mo Jianli from his perilous predicament.

"Thank you, Fellow Daoist Han!" Mo Jianli was naturally ecstatic, and his Nascent Soul returned to his body again.

Now that some respite had finally arrived, he was able to make a hand seal, then opened his mouth to release a burst of white Qi that swept toward the fiery chain around him.

As soon as t

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