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A translucent thread suddenly shot out of Han Li's glabella before vanishing into the giant stemborer's body in a flash, but the carcass suddenly exploded into specks of white light as if it were nothing more than an illusion.

The translucent thread returned to Han Li's glabella, and his expression immediately darkened slightly.

Elsewhere, countless pink flower petals had filled an entire area, within which countless silver arcs of lightning were flashing incessantly.

Bao Hua had already arrived beside Daoist Xie and activated her spirit domain to trap the other stemborer.

That stemborer's forte laid in its spiritual sense secret technique, but unfortunately for it, Daoist Xie was completely unaffected, as was Bao Hua due to the enhancements she received from her spirit domain.

The stemborer's baleful lightning was also extremely powerful and was imbued with the power of the law of destruction, allowing it to damage even Profound Heavenly Treasures, but both Daoist Xie and Bao Hua were very cunning, refusing to engage in direct clashes with it.

As a result, it was becoming more and more enraged as all of its attacks were being evaded.

Once Bao Hua unleashed her Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain to trap the stemborer, the tables were immediately turned.

The stemborer immediately unleashed its baleful lightning with all its might to try and escape from the spirit domain, but this Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain was an ability that only true immortals could truly master, and it was far too difficult for the stemborer to break out of.

The sea of pink flower petals trapped the stemborer firmly at the center of the spirit domain at Bao Hua's behest, causing it to become more and more sluggish despite the fact that it was resisting with all its might.

The stemborer had surrounded itself with arcs of grey lightning and a white light barrier manifested from its spiritual sense, but it was riddled with wounds and on the verge of defeat in the face of Daoist Xie and Bao Hua's combined attacks.

Han Li summoned his green longsword again upon seeing this, then slashed it through the air to unleash 12 green lines at once.

In the next instant, the 12 green lines appeared right beside the stemborer in Bao Hua's Profound Heavenly Spirit Domain in unison, then flashed past its body in a flash.

The light barrier and lightning around the stemborer were instantly wiped out of existence alongside the stemborer itself, and it was as if it had never been there in the first place.

Bao Hua was quite alarmed to see this, and only after carefully verifying that the stemborer was no longer in her spirit domain did she withdraw the spirit domain with tightly furrowed brows.

Spatial fluctuations erupted nearby, and Han Li emerged not far away, while Daoist Xie also reverted back to his human form before appearing behind Han Li.

Han Li cast his gaze toward Daoist Xie and was quite relieved to find that Daoist Xie wa

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