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Han Li was naturally oblivious to the scene that had just transpired deep in the underground palace, but after that unsettling feeling disappeared, he was quite relieved.

At this moment, the four of them had emerged from the garden and arrived on an ordinary-looking small plaza.

A massive hall that covered an area of several acres stood directly across on the other side of the plaza, and Lü Shi's brows furrowed slightly as he asked, "Why is my spiritual sense unable to enter that place? Are the restrictions here still activated?"

"It's not the restrictions at work; this hall was constructed from a type of special material from our holy realm. This material is known as Underworld River Sand, and it naturally possesses spiritual sense resistance properties, so it's no surprise that your spiritual sense can't enter the hall," Xie Lian replied with a smile.

Instead of becoming complacent upon hearing Xie Lian's explanation, Lü Shi's brows furrowed even further as he suddenly made a grabbing motion to summon a dagger enshrouded within green Qi. "Hold on, I can sense the aura of stemborers here!"

"Surely not! Could it be that you're mistaken, Fellow Daoist Lü Shi?" Xie Lian's heart jolted upon hearing this, and she also hurriedly summoned three silver rings that appeared before her in a flash of light.

"I've cultivated a special secret technique that allows me to identify the auras of all beings within a radius of several tens of kilometers; I'm certain that there are stemborers nearby!" Lü Shi replied in a confident voice.

Han Li's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this, and he suddenly rubbed his hands together before raising them toward the hall up ahead.

A pair of loud thunderclaps rang out as two thick bolts of golden lightning sprang forth, transforming into a pair of golden pythons over 100 feet in length before pouncing into the hall.

A rumbling thunderclap immediately rang out within the hall amid flashes of lightning.

"Divine Devilbane Lightning!" Xie Lian's expression changed slightly upon seeing this.

Generally speaking, Divine Devilbane Lightning was no longer all that effective against devilish beings of her caliber, but when unleashed by a fellow Grand Ascension Stage being like Han Li, it would still pose quite a threat to her.

Right at this moment, a string of sharp hissing rang out within the hall, following which five shadowy figures shot out in a flash before landing on the small plaza in a line.

"There really are stemborers here!" Lü Shi's expression immediately darkened at the sight of these figures.

The five figures were none other than five giant human-faced insects. Each of them was around 30 to 40 feet tall with extremely hideous male heads attached to their thin and long necks.

Furthermore, they were holding some crude club-like weapons in their front limbs.

The largest of the human-faced insects was standing at the center, and its exoskeleton was light blue

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